This Custom Gaming Laptop is Perfect for Nintendo Fans

The gaming segment is one of the fastest-growing in the PC market, but while gaming laptops are found aplenty, few options are pocketable, let alone light enough to carry around in a bag.

GPD Win 2 is one such option, building upon its predecessor which was launched last year. Being a handheld, don’t expect the Win 2 to come with the ultimate graphics muscle, though, it stands in contrast to gigantic gaming laptops we’ve come to expect.


The display on the front is a 6-inch panel with 720p resolution. The laptop is shaped like a 3DS, though, it comes with gaming controls above the display, including two analog sticks and a D-pad.

Don’t let its looks fool you, it runs full Windows 10 along with games like GTA V and Overwatch.


Under the hood, you get an Intel Core m3-7Y30 processor with HD Graphics 615, alongside 8 GB RAM (twice as much as its predecessor), as well as a 128 GB SSD. While this may not sound much, its maker does claim to provide up to 38 fps on GTA V at maximum settings, or 50-70 fps on Overwatch at low settings. You may have to check gameplay videos for yourself to confirm, though.

The battery life is provided through the use of two 4900 mAh batteries, which is again an upgrade over its predecessor.


The pricing of the Win 2 is set at $649 during crowdfunding, though, on retail it’ll sell for $899. You have to be really sold on the concept to shell out that kind of money for average gaming at best. The GPD Win 2 will be available by the May of 2018.

Though, the handheld gaming market only features the Nintendo consoles now, the success of the GPD Win 2 (which has raised nearly a million dollars) might prove the existence of another niche.