Careem Launches Intercity Travel Service for 7 Cities

How many times have you watched a film about a road trip and wished you could take your own? How many times have you planned a road trip and then cancelled it at the last minute?

We have good news – it’s time to stop wishing and start tripping!

Careem has launched inter-city travel, so you can road-trip across cities with ease and at the best rates. The service has been launched in Lahore, Islamabad, Hyderabad, Karachi, Gujranwala, Faisalabad and Peshawar, and more cities are to follow soon.

All that’s left is to pack your bags, update the playlists, and say hello to the road trip of your life! Find the estimated rates below – subjected to waiting time.

Talk about revolutionizing traveling! Now, make it to your cousin’s shadi at the last minute, or attend a graduation, or surprise a sibling – Careem has got you covered.

  • Lol yahan log grw-lhr 80 rupee wagon wala ko daikr larr raha hta hain ka paisa zyada lai rha h aur careem wala 3800 mai round trip krwayen ga. Even rent car charge 2500-3000 in latest car models for round trip.

  • I had rented a car and used to make roundtrips to Gujrawala everyday for 4k a day (including fuel tolls etc). So this seems reasonable.

  • Careem has now started using cheap tactics to get business. Every time I try to find a ride, i get “peak factor” never less than 1.2 plus even if you don’t get a peak factor, they will put a hidden charge to increase billing(The Go of uber was cheaper compared with Careem Rikshaw!!). Has happened with me couple of times. So I don’t trust them anymore.

  • Fare is too high as of now. However I wish good luck to Careem and looking forward for further innovations

  • I think with the reputation Careem has built for itself, people would opt for the service. Good Luck to Careem. And yes, I think that the rates are a little on the higher side.

  • I think these packages are more for corporate sector because they are paying sometimes double as compare to these.

  • Lahore to Faisalabad round trip fuel expense is approx RS:2500/- maximum! Careem charging approximately double.
    I think if they charge 3000-3500 for Lahore to Faisalabad that will be reasonable.

  • First of all, ye jo saray maaye k laal rent a car k rates bata rahay hain, kisi rent a car se 15 min mein iss rate pe car le kr tou dkhayen zara. Agla un ko driver ki roti, car k rent aur phr fuel alag dalay ga tou lag pata jaye ga. Bhai aik company service OFFER kr rahi hai. Agar ap ki basaat se bahir hai tou na use krein. Aap k iphone na lenay ki waja se dunya mein apple ka pattha nai bethay ga. Usi trah aap k careem na use krnay se careem ko bhi koi farak nai parray ga.

  • so for round trip of 12 hours of Islamabad to Lahore for PKR 9400.
    How many days or hours can Driver stay in Lahore?

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