Pakistan Army Acquires New High Tech Drone

In order to survey and conduct reconnaissance over the China Pakistan Economic Corridor’s (CPEC) pipelines, bridges, installations, borders, and dams – Pakistan Army has acquired a well-equipped drone named Uqab.

With a 15 hour flight time and a 250 km operable range via a remote control, the Uqab is able to carry ammunition weighing up to 1,000 kg and utilize it effectively without missing its target. It is manufactured by a Pakistan-based private organisation – Global Industrial & Defence Solutions (GIDS).

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As compared to drones manufactured in other countries, the Uqab has been manufactured efficiently with comparatively less cost incurred per unit – with the same number of useful features.

Having an expendable drone readily available for dispatch, Pakistan Army will be able to conduct surveillance in remote and dangerous areas within and across the border.

Along with its military uses, the drone can also be used to figure out problems related to climate change by conducting scientific analysis and to reach remote areas which are otherwise difficult to survey.

With the issue of terrorist attacks and subversive individuals with their hideouts spread throughout the borders and within Pakistan’s diverse territory, Pak Army needed a reliable source of survey which can help spot these hideouts and effectively get rid of them.

According to reports, around 15 applicants have shown interest in getting hands on this GIDS developed drone – the applicants also include companies from some European countries – which is why it’s expected to launch in the market very soon.

Via: The News

  • so what are the engineers in Pakistan Armed doing ? Free medical , Free residence, Free Plots, Big salaries, Golf course, Officer clubs, Foreign courses and result…?

    • What about USA & Other countries? These private industries cause wars. IF you have enough equipment in stock, then you won’t buy it so the private firms lobby for war (use of their equipment). Then they sell more of their products to militaries and gain profits.

      Look at the international stock markets whenever there’s talk of war, shares of weapon manufacturing industries rise.

    • And the news is, “they” are also interested in Telecom operations commercially. More luxury for the generals.

    • Burraq was made by NESCOM. And if army starts to make these things whole budget of them will go to R&D as R&D is the most cost consuming step in the production sometimes more expensive than the final product and you better know we don’t have that much money. If we spend it on R&D of our defence what will our politicians eat?

  • How is Gen. Kiyani in pic, he retired then came Raheel and went, so how old is this news????

  • ancient picture i can see General kiyani the fraudster of DHA rahbr and did he ever give up his brother the fraudster of DHA rawalpindi where billion were transferred in bank of newyork ripping off own citizen. shame on General kiyani and sell out general of country

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