Public Anger as Newsweek Pakistan’s Editor Jokes About Child Abuse and Rape

The rape and brutal murder of a 7 year old girl is a serious matter. Or is it? Enter Fasih Ahmed, the Editor in Chief of Newsweek Pakistan, who thinks it’s an appropriate subject for comedy.

Take a look for yourself.

The edgy Mr. Fasih Ahmed has read Lolita, guys. 

This isn’t even the first time Fasih has made comments like these. Scroll down his Twitter timeline and the tone and content almost defy belief.

Here, he implies rape is subjective depending on the attractiveness of the rapist.

Instead of backing down at the widespread condemnation which even caught the attention of celebrities like Alyssa Milano and the global Newsweek magazine itself, Mr Ahmed doubled down and defended his views.

Stunned silence

Everyone from celebrities to journalists working for Newsweek International have condemned the tweets

He wasn’t alone either. He was accompanied by the supposedly enlightened liberals of Pakistan, who stressed that it was dark humor. Thankfully, people weren’t having it.

Joining in the defense of the indefensible was Mangobaaz, which calls itself the voice of millennials in Pakistan. Instead of calling out the toxic behavior, they defended him, leading people to question just how low they were willing to go.

Fasih ki baaton ka mafhoom ye ha k…

With all due respect Mangobaaz, there’s no nuance or hidden wordplay or biting insight into Fasih’s comments. They’re vile, they’re crass and you should be ashamed of yourself for defending him.

Faced with a violent backlash, they’ve since published an ‘apology’. It seems like in hindsight, defending someone who made a mockery out of the rape of a child wasn’t a good idea. What a surprise!

Talking about issues is okay. Calling out selective outrage is okay too. We are all aware that this is not an isolated incident but one in a line of many. Pakistan has to do better and a national debate on the matter is long due and welcome. But there’s a time, place and way to discuss it.

It hasn’t been a week since poor Zainab was buried and Fasih is tweeting about how child abuse leads to great art. In your self-appointed mission to highlight insensitivity, Mr Ahmed, maybe the first thing should be taking a look in the mirror. But we doubt that’ll happen. Money and connections mean everything in Pakistan.

A petition calling for firing Fasih from Lahore Literary Festival, which he organizes, is already gaining steam on social media. We’re signing it and so should you. We’re also going to be reaching out to Newsweek global to lodge a complaint about the type of personnel representing its brand in Pakistan.

Update: The Lahore Literary Festival, of which Fasih Ahmed is a board member of, recently responded to this controversy on Facebook:

Fasih Ahmed has resigned from the board of the LLF.

A special shoutout to MeraBichraYaar, who first highlighted Fasih’s tweets

  • What art will come out if his own daughter gets rape?? A brilliant cover story for his magazine i guess.

  • This clearly shows that he is somehow a child rapist.
    Kash iss k sath bhi aisa ho to iss ko ehsas ho.

  • ha! Lahore Lit Fest comprises many jewels like him. LLF is an elitist escape – a bunch of liberal elite who do not represent us. Fasih just exposed himself, there are many still there in LLF.

  • We need saroorfiction to beat the s out of these deranged, delusional and megalomaniac elite. Loads of baloney goes on in LLF where such libturds visit with their true self. Their grotesque rot slipped into the open only a little bit and more is yet to come.
    The necrophilic incessant inbred skunks who came to the rescue of that failed experiment in mutation should find something better than pathetic excuses like dark humor. Glad to see liberal fascists blowing hot air from both ends in a doomed attempt to save the kotha business of a crony who was just caught with pants down and head inside his own posterior.

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