Shaken Up: Pakistanis React to Double Earthquake Jolts

Earthquake tremors were felt in several areas of Pakistan. It is said that about 270 million people felt this earthquake which measured 6.1 on the Richter scale.

Preliminary reports show that the no major casualties have occurred so far. The only reported loss of life was from Lasbela, where a young girl died as her house’s roof collapsed. Another 9 were also reported injured as a result of this natural disaster.


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Many people who felt the tremors were left in a state of shock, even fear. As it always happens in such events, most of them took to social media to share their reactions.

Lets take a look at how Pakistani people reacted to the earthquake:

A noted journalist mentions that such events can’t be controlled by us:

Even some showbiz personalities chimed in:

Some of us decided to rethink our priorities:

The tremors were felt across the border too.

This earthquake, it seems was just one of the many in the last 24 hours:

Some of us do the right thing in emergency situations like these:

Some people still can’t believe what just happened:

Stay safe everyone.

The earthquake measured 6.1 on the Richter scale with a depth over 170 kilometers, according to reports.

Our neighbors also felt the earthquake and used social media to spread the news.

There are reports that after-shocks will follow. Keep watching this space as we will keep you updated on the situation.

  • Wake up calls for everyone , let us review ourselves. Bigger responsibilities in authorized ones busy in their own affairs. How cruel we are !!! no more words for our daughter Zainab.

    • Dear not for everyone but the people who elect or select the wrong and the looters and never do their accountability thus they help the wrong and displease the Allah.

  • If the Muslims would sell their faith and the Din Allah will not be pleased with them and will not be defending the wrong because it is against his status.He is very straight forward with the people in having relationship, be mine ,I will be yours. So it is up to the mankind to thing about its priorities either he will choose the minting or fighting for the justice and equality in the society that ensue we all to have access to justice and have lived with respect and prosperity but never as the beggars as made by our rulers cheating for the last 70 years in the name of Islam,democracy,socialism and many more.

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