TEVTA Starts E-Rozgaar Training Program for Youth

Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority (TEVTA) will now support the E-Rozgaar youth training program and will train 4,000 youngsters to get jobs in order to support their needs.

TEVTA’s chairman Irfan Qaiser Sheikh revealed this in his address during a meeting of officials from TEVTA in Lahore this Monday.

Reducing Unemployment

Calling it a landmark, Irfan Qaiser said that this programme will help reduce unemployment in Pakistan. According to him, the programme will be divided into multiple phases – in the first phase which is expected to begin this February, 600 people from Lahore, Faisalabad, and Rawalpindi will be taught two sections of Technical and Graphics Designing.

Talking about the initiative’s importance, the chairman said,

e-Rozgar programme is not only important for youth but it is important for country as youth could put their share in the economy of the country.

Lack of Training Facilities in Pakistan

Surely, such training facilities are widely available in other countries and the youth in developed countries have more earning opportunities because of their training and governmental support.

The chairman highlighted that Pakistani youngsters, internationally, are left behind and are not able to get training in these fields which can boost their earning potential substantially.

About E-Rozgaar

E-Rozgaar promotes the use of internet and online resources to earn a living through activities such as freelancing and web designing. This field has been long neglected in Pakistan and is a popular industry in other countries.

The Chairman, while addressing the government, emphasized the importance of using digital and technological platforms for earning money flexibly to allow more opportunities and exposure to the youth of Pakistan.

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