England-Pakistan Test Match Tickets Sold Out in Record Time

Following a hot and cold start for Pakistan cricket team in 2018, the Green shirts look to rebuild their image in Test cricket as they face England on foreign soil later this year.

Pakistan travel to England in May and will play a two-match Test series against the English side, who are also recovering from humiliation they faced in Ashes.

  • First Test Match — 24th May till 28th May, 2018
  • Second Test Match — 1st June till 5th June, 2018


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According to sources, the tickets for day 2 of Pakistan’s second Test match against England, to be held at Emerald Headingley, have been sold out in record time.

The second day of 2nd Test will be a Saturday, which will bring an enormous crowd.

This is the first time in the history of the ground that a non-Ashes match has been sold out completely, four months prior to the fixture.

Mark Arthur, Yorkshire County Cricket Club Chief Executive, said:

We are thrilled to announce that Day Two has now sold out four months in advance of the fixture.

In the recent past, the stadium capacity has been reduced but the sales have not been impacted that greatly.


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Talking about the sales numbers, Mark added:

International sales are currently 32% up year-on-year and there is a 13% increase on when Emerald Headingley had a similar international schedule in 2016.

The Club is continuing on its great journey and it is very evident that there is a real appetite for international cricket in Yorkshire.

This reflects upon the immense support Pakistan receives overseas, which is something to be proud of.

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      you have another way go to your bedroom & take rest on match day.

    • Day 2 of the second test match will see 12 wickets tumble from both sides. Pakistan will follow on and loose the match and the series. Millions of pounds bet on the second day of the second test match.

    • England will bat first in second test match. England will loose 8 wickets on day one and 2 wickets on day 2. Pakistan will loose 10 wickets (all out) for a score less than 100 or thereabout. Pakistan will follow on.

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