Islamabad High Court Bans Valentines Day Transmissions on TV & Newspapers

A notification issued by the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority’s (PEMRA) Operation Wing today (Wednesday) has barred all the licensed channels and networks from promoting Valentines Day in Pakistan.

The directive has been issued by Islamabad High Court following a petition (NO.541/2017) against the promotion of Valentines Day which was started by an individual named Mr. Abdul Waheed. The notification has been directed to all Pakistani satellite TV channels, FM radio licensees, and distribution service licensees.

The petitioner’s, to their claim, said that Valentines Day should not be celebrated in Pakistan because it is not part of Muslim tradition. The notification read;

 …In the meanwhile, respondents are directed to ensure that nothing about the celebrations of Valentine’s Day and its promotion is spread on the Electronic and Print media. No Event shall be held at official level and at any public place. Chairman, Pemra is directed to ensure that all the TV channels shall stop the promotion of Valentine Day, forthwith.


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Accordingly, the IHC has directed all Broadcast Media and Distribution Services Licensees to “desist from promoting” Valentine’s Day hereafter.

Valentines Day celebrations have been banned in all public places and official premises. Electronic and print media will not cover any advertisement or promotions related to Valentines Day from now on.

  • Ali Salman

    Someone should loudly question our judges:

    1- When you will stop publicity stunts? Appetite for news and media?
    2- Since 70 years why it was never banned earlier? You guys are good in Suo motu and notices.
    3- When are you going to hear 1.85 million cases pending with you?

    • Zees Saee

      1 – news sells and trp generates viewers blame the public
      2 – It banned now cause of an increase in love related crimes like acid attack and revenge killings often leading to honor killings. Immature society and public
      3 – 1.85 million cases, how about never and then we do it again like Bangladesh.

    • ZAB

      Tou tum ab us nawaz nooray k liye judges k bhi mukhalif hogaye? Nawaz k liye aur kya kya karo ge?

    • Guest

      2- Since 70 years practically nobody knew about Valentine’s day. It is only since past 5 or 6 years that it became mostly a commercial event to the extent that foreign culture was over-shadowing local traditions. Even today’s notice has not banned the practice. You are free to celebrate your Valentine’s on a personal level (couple level?) but the commercial outlets have been banned from promoting imported culture in ruthless desire of profit.
      In simple words you can buy a rose for your loved one but the shop selling the roses has been forbidden from making a hype out of it and promoting it as a “special offer day”.

  • Owaiis

    *Sarcastic Claps*

  • Zeeshan Amjad

    Still there will be…….

  • Ali Hasan

    Good step.


    great decision pak is a muslim country but all anti islam customes are celeberated like these are lawful in islam so salute to judge for taking action against it

    • Hamza Mir


  • Jahangir

    Excellent step. I hope is pe amal bhi sakhti se hoga.

  • Tariq

    what they are thinking this totally bad news.. Valentines Day celebrations is good thing …

  • Zees Saee

    don’t know whats the fuss about and with immature teens who laud at such decisions? havent we seen the immature uneducated society this country has evolved into, we dont want to see more acid attack victims in the name of self proclaimed one sided love.

    Grow out of it and leave western dogmas at bay and concentrate on studies and prosper more diligently as the country needs u not your love affairs

  • Wolverine

    Wait for the Desi Liberals. (Grabs Popcorn).

  • Wolverine

    Excellent. TV pe Chichorapan khatam krne ka aik chhota sa step.
    2 takay k actors or actresses jin ko koi nahi puchta iss type k shows mein aa k gandi batein or gandi harkatein krne lag jatay hain.
    Kuch bhi Qubool hai lekin chichorpan nahi.

  • 0zo 0zo

    what about Indian ads and Drama ? assholes

  • Masab Javed

    The festivals of a nation become it’s identity. Thanks for saving the young generation from wasting time and energies on wrong ideology !!

  • IHC trying very hard to be relevant ?

    • Jamal Abbasi

      Careem deliberately created and mass distributed sarcastic remarks against this judgement of Court.
      This should definitely be taken into notice by the court as
      1- I did not ask to be sent this e-mail however i was still sent this from Careem only because i have an account with them and travel using careem cars, This does not give Careem a right to not only use remarks in contempt to the courts judgement but force them upon users like me who have provided careem with their e-mail address solely for the purpose of travel and not for the purpose of hearing against Court and Government of Pakistan.