Alert: Here’s How Your Deleted Messages Can Still Be Seen in WhatsApp

A few months ago WhatsApp introduced a delete option for removing messages. With this option, users are able to delete messages they have sent in a personal or group chat for everyone.

There are certain conditions that need to be fulfilled for using this option. Both, sender and recipient, need to have the latest version of WhatsApp and the sent message that you intend to delete should not be more than 7 minutes old.

However there is a kind of a loophole that The Next Web found in this whole process. It turns out, deleted messages will appear if they have been quoted by someone else in the chat.

Embarrassment is Not Over

Suppose, you have deleted a message that you sent by mistake in a group chat. However, a friend of yours was quick to quote and make your embarrassment stand out in the chat. Now, you might be thinking that there is no harm done since you deleted the message.


WhatsApp Now Lets You Delete Your Sent Messages

Well, bad news for you because it turns out WhatsApp can’t completely remove the deleted message even if you satisfy all above mentioned conditions. This screenshot will help you understand better.

See Whatsapp Delete Message

The “Blabla test” message was successfully deleted, however someone was able to quote it in the reply before deletion and now its there.

This loophole works in both, private and group, chats.

WhatsApp has not commented on this so far which has us thinking that they might not be aware of this or they may be working on a fix as we speak.

In any case, the next update might fix this issue.

  • Well there is still an old saying,,, “Think before you speak,, ” same goes with the modern age,,, think before you type / send,,,,,

  • Two great loves of Pakistanis. Messenger app and electronic payment. Bhai jaan these are 30 year old technologies. Tum logon ko iss may theenga nahi milay ga. Losers. This blog is promoting some messenger app and thats why want to deface whatsapp. Losers again.

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