Controversy as Careem Captain is Shot Dead in Islamabad

In a tragic turn of events, a Careem captain (driver) named Junaid Mustafa has been shot dead in D-12 area of Islamabad.

According to the deceased’s family members and close friends, he was on a ride from F-11 Markaz to D-12. On his way to the destination, he was allegedly kidnapped and then shot and stabbed to death.

Junaid’s cousin, Zeeshan Bhatti, posted about the incident on Careem’s official Facebook page as well;

According to him, the 24-year old Junaid was stabbed multiple times before he was shot dead. Allegedly, the passengers tried to kidnap Junaid and run away with his vehicle.

Junaid showed resistance and refused to hand over the keys. As a result, Junaid tragically lost his life.


Careem Driver Murdered in Karachi

Here are some of the posts from the social media campaign that highlighted the whole matter and brought it to attention.

Careem condoled the family in a statement posted on Facebook and Twitter:

Careem says that “at the time of the incident, Junaid was not accompanied by any passenger.” and “investigations by law enforcement authorities are underway to discover the cause of this incident.”

Careem has said that it shared the data of the customer with law enforcement agencies and are investigating the case thoroughly.

Careem told ProPakistani that the company is already in touch with Captain’s family and will extend any help they may need to make sure that Junaid’s killers are brought to justice.

This isn’t the first incident of its kind. Previously, Careem and Uber drivers have faced similar incidents while on the road.

May the deceased’s soul rest in peace and the culprits involved in this crime be caught as soon as possible.

  • very sad.. May Allah subhaan hu wa taala Bless jannat to him and give sabar to his family. aameen. May Allah pak give the worst life and grant jhannum to the zalim who did this zulm… aameen….

  • very sad ..cream service ke waja se log bht se ghalt kam b cream service ke cab se karty hain…cream waly ko to bas apny paison se matlab hai..l

  • SHAME ON CAREEM!!!.LIARS!!!.he was on ride.This young man died because of unjust policies from CAREEM..Captains cannot cancel more than 3 rides in a week otherwise they get Rs 1000 fine……May Be Junaid was afraid to get fined & he took this fatal ride……

    • You have the right to not handle the ride-call at all. Cancellations are only after you accept to pick the person up. In-case of “I will guide the captain” option, careem captains can simply not accept the ride call. The cancellation is ONLY when you accept the call and then cancel the ride.

  • Very sad to hear that. Allah maghfiratt farmaye.
    And it is supposed to be very easy case for law enf agencies for catching the murderers as they can get complete information of person booking the ride

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