PIA Kicks Two Female Passengers Off The Airplane After a Fight

Yesterday, a fight broke out between two female passengers onboard a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight. Things got so heated that both the ladies, who were traveling on the business class flight, were removed from the plane following their scuffle.

According to eyewitness accounts and officials from ASF, one middle-aged woman, who was boarding the flight, started yelling at another young woman at the entrance of the plane. She then proceeded to attack the younger lady inside the plane. The reasons were not clear as to how the fight started.

According to people present in the plane, the middle-aged woman launched an assault and allegedly tore the clothes of the 20-year old victim. She beat her and horrifyingly enough, even got her hands on a glass object from a trolley in the plane, attacking the victim with it.


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What Happened?

As per the eyewitnesses, a verbal argument broke out when both passengers were entering the plane. However, things turned messy inside the plane as the verbal spat turned into a fistfight. The victim was accompanied by her husband as well however he decided to refrain from getting involved in the matter.


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According to ASF, the victim is believed to be a relative of her attacker as well as the pilot flying the airplane. After getting verbally abused, the victim tried to make her way to the cockpit but was stopped by the attacker as she beat up the victim again.

Due to this incident, the flight, which was bound to take off from Lahore, was delayed by 35 minutes.

PIA personnel removed both passengers from the plane and handed them over to the Airport Security Force (ASF). However, no charges were pressed against any of the arrested individuals by ASF.

Via Dawn

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