Suzuki’s New Wagon R Model Comes with a Major Price Bump

Pak Suzuki recently halted the distribution and booking for its WagonR model. Despite being one of the most selling models, the reason behind this halt wasn’t made public by the company.

There were rumors that Suzuki has stopped WagonR production to boost the sales of its newly launched Suzuki Cultus.

Some also suggested that Suzuki is working on some upgrades for the WagonR model. The second report turned out to be the right one.

Pak Suzuki has finally announced that its new model of WagonR will come with some new upgrades.


Pak Suzuki Discontinues Swift Variants

Upgraded WagonR

According to the notification released by the automobile giant, the new WagonR model will feature alloy wheels and chromed tail garnish. Wagon R VXL will come with the above-mentioned upgrades that Suzuki is calling “Wagon R Minor Change”.

These upgrades might seem minor, however, the price bump that comes with the upgrades doesn’t seem negligible at all.

The upgraded Suzuki model will now cost Rs 1,164,000.

The previous price of the same variant was Rs 1,114,000 – an increase of Rs 50,000 in just a matter of months.

Not just WagonR, Pak Suzuki recently hiked the prices of several vehicles, including the top seller Mehran. The reason behind this price change seems to be the devaluation of rupee against dollar. Suzuki increased the prices two months ago as well stating the same reason.

As per the company, most of the parts are imported and when rupee takes a dip, the prices of these parts go up. So as a result, the prices of vehicles overall increase as well.

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  • I bought a fully automated Japanese reburbised WagonR around 8 years ago for Rs.3.5 lacs. Sold it after six years of rigorous use and still made a handsome profit. Getting a local model at this price point is simply idiotic.

  • Until the people of Pakistan don’t come out like people came out in the Arab Spring then they deserve to be kicked around by these automobile companies. Don’t come out for dharnas but come out to protest these inflated car prices.

    • You are mistaken. The real reason for expensive cars in local market is tax the government places on each vehicle. It is 100% for local and 200% for imported. With this much tax you simply can’t provide any good thing to Pakistani consumer

  • better to go for japanees WagonR its far much better and comfortable – and the options which are given are far much better and advanced too. Suzuki has been always pathetic in pricing strategy, Cultus is one example for it – they could have increased sales by providing reasonable prices.

  • it is govt policies that make even multinationals go corrupt in this beloved homeland of ours.

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