Lahore Just Got a Brand New Haunted Dungeon

Do you love horror movies? And enjoy a good scare every once in a while? If you live in Lahore, you are in for a scary little treat!

A new recreational spot for horror aficionados and the general public has opened in Lahore. If you fancy having the living daylights scared out of you, the ‘Haunted Dungeons’ deserves a visit with your friends.

Located in one of the most happening places in the city, you can experience your fair share of thrills and chills in the Haunted Dungeons at Emporium Mall.

The park has been specifically designed for children and adults alike. To ensure safety, the park is best visited under adult supervision, especially if you’re planning to bring kids along with you.

Take a look at the Haunted Dungeons below;

Haunted Dungeons

electrocuted dummy at horror house

Skull Horror House

Horror House Tickets Lahore

And here is a video of a dummy being electrocuted, the sound definitely makes it real, right?

Haunted Dungeons is situated on the 2nd floor of the Emporium Mall near Lahore International Expo Centre in Johar Town.

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