The Islamabad International Airport’s VVIP Lounge is as Premium as They Come [Photos]

The newly built Islamabad International Airport is all set to be operational in the coming weeks. According to latest reports, Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi will be inaugurating it in the mid of April.


Official: New Islamabad Airport to be Operational From April 16th

A few months ago, we saw this picture of the airport’s VVIP lounge. As you can see, it doesn’t feature much when it comes to furniture, lights and the overall ambiance of the place:

VVIP lounge

That was then. This is now:

vvip lounge new islamabad airport


A Saga of Delays: Islamabad Airport Inauguration Postponed 3-4 Months

Here are some more pictures that give us a better look at how the VVIP lounge is going to look once it’s fully furnished.

Apparently, a visitors gallery has also been set up near the lounge to showcase artworks.

visitors gallery

It certainly does seem more alive with the lights on:

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