Alibaba is in Early Negotiations to Acquire Bloomberg

Alibaba is considering acquiring Pakistan’s largest online shopping platform, According to a Bloomberg report citing a source close to the matter, the Chinese giant is in early price negotiations with Rocket Internet.

Advertisement is the subsidiary of the German-based internet company, Rocket Internet.

Daraz isn’t the only company to gather the attention of Chinese e-commerce giants. Ant Financial, the world’s most valuable fintech company, recently bought 45% stake in Telenor Microfinance Bank for $184.5 million.

The purpose of this deal was to further develop mobile payment and digital financial services of Telenor Microfinance Bank.


Here’s What Ant Financial’s Entry in Pakistan Will Mean for a Common Man!

Pakistan’s Retail Market

Alibaba’s interest to tap into the e-commerce sector of Pakistan comes in after China’s massive investment of around $60 billion in CPEC projects. Pakistan is also ranked as the fastest growing retail market in the world.

Pakistan has nearly 50 million 3G/4G internet users and the retail market is expected to grow by 8.2% a year in the coming years. The potential has been identified by various other multi-national companies, which are planning to enter the Pakistani market.


Via Bloomberg


  • Thanks to pmln government, we are at last hearing some good news! Youthias here as always will start fighting!

      • WesyI am Neutral in syasat but PMLN is the key to Chinese investment in Pakistan in every sector
        Hope you will appreciate it


        • Ever heard about Chinese Project Named OBOR. China is to invest 4-8 Trillion dollars before 2050 in 60 countries. China also clearly stated that current Pakistani government has nothing to do with CPEC (a child project of OBOR/ One Belt One Road). That CPEC will continue with or without current government.

          Assalaam O Alaikum

            • Comment kernay say pehlay aap nay kuch research wughaira keeya? I mean conclusion pay pohnchnay k leeye at least 1 month ka focused research chaaheeye, aap nay keeya?

              ya just for the sake of wrting something, likhh deeya jo dil mein aaya. aap k dilon kee muraadayn yahan poori nahi hoteen, yahan facts or figures chaltay hain.

              or jahan tak rahee khud chal k aanay kee baat…. tou wo kia kehtay hain.


              Ye sub Pakistan kee establishment China k saath mil k ker rahee hai kiunkay Pakistani establishment ko China k good graces mein rehnay mein faida nazzar aata hai.

              Establishment k baaray mein just itna likhhna chaahoon ga k ye political parties k aanay jaanay say change nahi hoti, ye wo puppeteers hain jo puppets (politicians) ko apni figures k zorr pay challaatay hain.

              Thank You.

              • You also seem to be a puppet. you should feel ashamed maligning politicians and taking pride on establishment for taking controls of things that in all civilized nations are always in the hands on political leadership.

                If you don’t credit to political government, it’s your own thinking. Ask chinese why is punjab their favorite place of investment if politics had nothing to with CPEC?

                • Here is the ABC of Politics and Democracy for You Dear.

                  Not only in Pakistan but in most (if not all) of the countries where Democracy rules, Establishment is always behind all major decisions and Puppets (the politicians) are there just to earn some commission, listen to all the bad things general public has to say about government policies and go away after few years so general public feels a bit of relief upon their departure that now things might change although they never change.

                  Look at America for example, Obama said if and when he becomes president, he will reduce/recall American soldiers from Afghanistan and Iraq but what happened when he became the president? He increased the number of soldiers in both the countries.

                  Before the elections, Donald Trump promised to reinvestigate 9/11 Terror Attack, call back all the soldiers. Number of soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan increased when he became the president and he took a total uturn on investigating 9/11.

                  Are actions of politicians sounding familiar to You now? All politicians promise that they will reduce the total debt a country holds, when they leave the seat, debt usually increases by at least 10-100% during their tenure.

                  If You are really interested in getting to know the truth, the information is available almost every because As They Say “it is so covert that it is overt”.


          • China is in talks with Pakistan for its One belt one road project since at least 50 years . It was PMLN that was successfully able to execute it with the Chinese

            • or a better way of saying this will be,
              When Xi Jinping became the president of China on 14th March 2013, He took the whole OBOR project to the next level, the execution level. Now China has sea port on 99 year lease in Sri Lanka, Dijiboti and China is outspending USA in Africa for last 5 years or so.

              search this on google “china says cpec will go on without pmln” and skip first 3 links, start from the fourth, TImes of India, The Diplomat, The Express Tribune and other newspapers clarify China”s stance on CPEC.

              As for OBOR, please first read at least 5,000-10,000 pages about China’s policies and related articles and then say something about it.

              Kind Regards.

              • and also if your logic is that chinese companies are investing because of government then biggest credit goes to zardari, his attempts helped bring zong to pakistan and now they are biggest foreign investors in pakistan right now

                • My Logic? Have You been reading my comments at all? I clearly stated Establishment of Pakistan wants to work closely with China. I called politicians mere puppets at the hands of puppeteers (The Establishment).

                  • sorry i meant logic of those people who are saying its because of current government that these chinese companies are investing not directed at you

                    • Thank You. No offense Taken :)

                      Masterminds are at work here, they don’t obtain facts and figures, neither they accept them when they are presented by someone else.

                      Most of them live in a utopian world where their politicians are the people in charge and because of the politicians things happen or they don’t.

                      Here we are not allowed to share web links, and few web-links cannot justify the argument anyway so its hard to put some sense in supporters of political parties.


                    • yes you are right, you are one of the few people here who talk using stats and figures otherwise some people talk so much nonsense, other day there was a article saying pakistan foreign reserves are very low, one person commented “stop making up numbers, you are enemy of country, bla,bla” i said one thing that these numbers are from state bank and they don’t get much more official than that

          • True dat about OBOR bro and $60 billion (cpec investment in our homeland) is nothing for these crooks they will burn it out in a year. BTW overseas Pakistani’s send $20 Billion per year worth of remittances which is running major part of our Economy and if these crooks tax that too we are screwed.

      • u seem like a mindless bot from Mryam bibi’s so called cell Bravo! keep it up. I know you eat from the beggers plate which PMLN is filling for you atleast speak the truth and I am not saying PTI is good (you can have a right to say that too) but atleast have some self respect.

  • Daraz is the worlds most pathetic ecommerce retailer. Its operations are in shambles and its a story of failed execution. The little recall that they have is essentially negative and it will take time to trust the brand.

    Alibaba would be best set to start from scratch and build it from the ground up. If they want speed they should collaborate with a well known group like Packages, Mansha, Saigols, Saifullahs, Laksons or Lucky group etc etc. Alibaba needs to take a bet on people who execute well rather than just brands blindly or even Easypaisa / Telenor that is the most bureaucratic org

  • Previously capital was flowing towards Germany, after acquisition by Alibaba it will start flowing towards China

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