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M-Tag Made Mandatory for All Commercial Vehicles on Motorway

All commercial vehicles without M-tag will not be allowed to enter or travel on the motorway starting March 31. Previously, E-tag facility was used for toll tax and utility bills’ payments, however, the system has now been replaced with M-tag.

Frontier Works Organization (FWO) has moved towards digitization by rolling out the technology-driven system. Commuters will be able to recharge their account through JazzCash, FWO’s mobile app ‘Smart Motorways’ and their official website.

Here is how the system will work;

M-Tag Facility

Just like its predecessor, M-tag will work on the same principles of E-tag. Vehicle owners will be given a pre-paid Radio-frequency identification (RFID) chip that will be read by the scanners installed at booths on the motorway. The scanners will read the chips on the vehicles upon entering and will deduct the due toll tax upon leaving automatically.


JazzCash and FWO to Partner for Digitized Toll Fee Payments

The scanner will also record the location of entry along with the remaining balance in the RFID-chip. Owners will be able to recharge the accounts through FWO’s app and website and JazzCash as well. Apart from that, the account can be recharged through Rs 200, Rs 500, Rs 1000, Rs 2000 and Rs 3000 scratch cards as well.

Previously, dedicated lanes were established at toll booths for vehicles with E-tag. The lanes opened for those cars only that had E-tag sticker on them. NADRA managed the E-tag system that contained vehicles details, linked with the owners’ details at the database level.

The technology, as mentioned earlier, has now been replaced with M-tag facility and FWO Smart Motorways is managing it. FWO says that for now, it is only compulsory for commercial vehicles to get registered for an M-tag. The facility will be rolled out for privately owned vehicles in later stages of the project.

M-Tag Registration

M-tag registration for private vehicles will be free until March 31. Rs 300 of free balance will be given as well to the vehicles registered before this date. A free recharge of Rs 500 will also be provided after every 5000 kilometers of travel. Dedicated registration desks and customer care centers have been set up at several toll plaza booths where you can get the M-tag.

A minimum fee of Rs 300 is required to get the tag, however, the whole amount is deposited as credit in vehicle owners’ M-tag account.

The vehicle owner must possess CNIC, driving license and vehicle registration documents at the time of registration.

Initially, the system will be deployed at Lahore-Islamabad motorway. In later stages, it will expand to all motorways in Pakistan as part of the CPEC 1-link motorways project. Vehicles entering the motorway without M-tag will be fined Rs 300 after the deadline of 31st March.

M-tag mandatory on motorway

Toll Tax from Lahore to Islamabad

Toll tax from Lahore to Islamabad will be charged at the following rates;

  • Cars/Jeeps/Taxis: Rs 620.
  • Wagons: Rs 1,040.
  • Coasters: Rs 1,460.
  • Buses: Rs 2,080.
  • Trucks 2&3 Axle: Rs 2,700.
  • Articulated Trucks: Rs 3,480.

  • Hey , where we can buy the M-Tag , i am living in Lahore near airport , its very difficult for me to go to motorway to buy M-tag , can i buy near my home ?
    Kindly help me

    • Just got it a week ago.
      You can’t Buy it from anywhere, They are only available on the entrances of m2.
      In Lahore, It is available after crossing Babu sabu Interchange you will see first PSO filling station before the toll plaza.
      You need your ID + Car Documents (No submission of any documents)
      Expect Rush!!! because of Mufta Now a days.

  • Not a good step. Should not be mandatory.

    Why not issue a single tag for all the roads in Pakistan and give discounts to people who use these tags. People will automatically start using if they are given discounts.

  • I think NHA holding the National Highway Issues- Now M-Tag a new story begin.
    We’re already paying so much for Vehicles “Withholding Taxes”,Income Taxes. I think Filler must be given some privilege at such toll tax plaza.
    Govt itself is failed in administrative role.

  • Toll tax from Lahore to Islamabad will be charged at the following rates;

    Cars/Jeeps/Taxis: Rs 620.
    Wagons: Rs 1,040.
    Coasters: Rs 1,460.
    Buses: Rs 2,080.
    Trucks 2&3 Axle: Rs 2,700.
    Articulated Trucks: Rs 3,480.

  • It should be made easier to buy M-Tags from Post Offices. Why do we pay money to Frontier Works for a civilian road?

    • Yeah well army is indulged in all kinds of businesses in Pakistan whether it is fertilizers, cereals, mobile network, roads construction, hosing societies and so on instead of doing their basic job of defending borders. You won’t find such commercial army in any other country. On the top of that establishment is secretly involved in politics too. So what difference would it make if they start taking motorways toll on top of that 85% budget of Pakistan which they are already spending on luxuries of armed officers.

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