PSL is Destroying Pakistan Cricket: Former Captain

Pakistan’s former cricketer and the captain — Aamir Sohail — has lashed out at Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) selection committee over unclear selection methods.

In an interview with PakPassion, Aamir made some remarks which were directed towards the PCB and its management.

He said that in the long-term, Pakistan Super League (PSL) can prove to be a danger to country’s cricket if PCB does not come up with a more formalized method of selection.

It appears to me that the performances in PSL are being used to judge and therefore select players for the Pakistan national team.

Even one good performance at the PSL is being touted as reason enough to represent Pakistan which does not make sense.

The former test captain viewed PSL as a ‘good option’ to improve Pakistan’s domestic structure. However, he claimed that it should never be the only platform for national team’s selection.


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Aamir Sohail spoke at length to put his point across. He further stated:

This kind of an attitude carries with it a huge peril. What we are saying to the young and upcoming cricketers is that as long as you can hit a few fours and sixes and be a slogger then you can play for Pakistan. As is we are suffering from a shortage of quality batsmen and this approach will certainly not help that cause.

On top of that, the representatives of the domestic cricket associations who are the providers of the raw material for the PSL, are not even invited to PSL which is incredible and not the way forward if we wish to improve our cricket.

Aamir’s remarks can be viewed as baseless but they do hold a certain importance since the quality of domestic and international cricket is extremely significant. The domestic circuit needs to be improved, forcing national team players to participate in the domestic leagues and improving the pitches, grounds, balls and umpiring standards must  be the PCB’s top priority. PSL maybe good at identifying a person’s ability to cope with pressure, but it holds no value in identifying players for ODIs and Tests.

This is where PCB needs to step in and groom young talents such as Hussain Talat and Asif Ali, recently selected players from the PSL.

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  • The players that have the temperament to be in a T20’s are selected. Micky knows what he is doing, he have not selected players like agha salman for the T20’s. I rate agha salman as the classic one down or second down batsmen, he would be great in pair with Baber azam, still let us see what micky does in ODI’s who does he select and if he select players that are sloggers in them then , the argument above can be justified.

  • Give this person a job in PCB all negatives about PSL ‘ll become positives. This is his nature, past and mentality.

  • I think his remarks about psl performances as a basis of national selection is right youngsters need domestic exposure to get enough experience for national team

  • What he said is absolutely logical and right.
    What message we have given to the world that we can give security to the 11 foreign cricketers to play in our country at the sake of huge hazzle for 18000 armed force and thousands of Civilians who had nothing to do with cricket but were being disrupted in massive traffic jams? and after that who came to play? Westindies? Jisko uska apna cricket board khelne ke liye paisay nai deta?
    Have we explored any new or emerging talent in this PSL? Were we able to convince the famous foreign cricketers to come to Pakistan to play just 2 matches?

  • @Syed Zarar

    1) “PSL is Destroying Pakistan Cricket” : this is a completely misleading/wrong/sensationalist title imo. He made some criticisms about the PSL but never said anything about it ‘destroying cricket’.

    2) “In an interview with PakPassion” : you need to look up the definition of interview because it was definitely not an interview as shown by… “Writing in his exclusive blog for PakPassion…”

    3) You have not provided a link for the PakPassion article from which you quoted Aamir Sohail. Providing sources/links is one of the basic rules of Writing 101.

    I have seen some of your previous comments in which you have defended yourself/other writers and I’m curious to see what you have to say about this.

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