Huawei to Launch a Foldable Smartphone This Year

Huawei is set to make the world’s first “practically foldable” smartphone and according to a Korean news reporter, is expected to unveil it before Samsung at the end of this year.

This news first appeared on Korea’s ETNews and Huawei aims to sit on Samsung’s throne by innovating the Smartphone industry before Samsung launches its own foldable smartphone.

First Of Its Kind

ZTE did launch a foldable Axon M, however, it used two separate displays which had a hinge in between. Huawei’s design will be different and “truly foldable”, the screen will be flexible from the middle and won’t have an annoying hinge when unfolded to obstruct the viewing experience.

Foldable Smartphone Concept Huawei

The company patented its design in which the display can be folded like a book and has tiny indistinguishable hinges that minimize the gap, which does not come in the way while viewing the screen. Huawei’s implementation is expected to be thin and to feature a flexible OLED panel.

LG-made OLED Panels

ETNews says that Huawei now gets its OLED display panels from LG and the upcoming foldable smartphone might run an LG-made display. Moreover, we cannot say for sure whether it will be unveiled at the end of this year because if Samsung changes its launch date, Huawei will too and will try to win the flexible smartphone race by trying to launch it earlier.


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In the coming years, the industry might see a lot of foldable phones because other companies – including LG and Lenovo – are already working on their foldable devices.

Via XDA-Developers