Govt Launches Savings Scheme for Disabled People

The government has formally launched a savings scheme aimed to benefit disabled persons at par with Bahbood Savings Scheme.

It may be recalled that the government had made an announcement about the scheme in the budget 2017-18. Accordingly, National Savings was entrusted with the task to frame rules under the guidance of Finance Division.


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In line with other special schemes for those investing via National Savings, disabled people will get higher margins for their investments and savings. The exact amounts have not been announced yet.

The rules have been approved by the federal government and notified by the Finance Division on 16th April 2018.


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National Savings has already been directed to implement the scheme. It is estimated that around 192,000 disabled persons would benefit from the scheme. The scheme, it may be added also fulfills the objective of financial inclusion of the disabled persons.

  • We earn by way of hard work outside Pakistan and transfer this hard earned money to Pakistan paying heavy transfer charges. When we invest this money by buying saving certificates and other bonds, government levies withholding Tax as non-filer. Is this fair? I was charged Rs12000/- when I purchased Behbood Certificate.

    • I am also thinking about buying government’s investment certificates. I believe we are entitled for tax exemption as a NRP.

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