Bravo: United Motor’s Upcoming Mehran Rival in Pictures

United Bravo is coming and is looking to put an end to Suzuki Mehran’s historical reign in Pakistan’s auto industry. United – a motorbike manufacturer-turned car company – has promised to introduce a worthy rival to “most Pakistani hatchbacks” by bringing international grade safety and drive features for cheap.

Previously, the company applied for a copyright to Bravo’s design and submitted relative applications to the Intellectual Property Organisation of Pakistan (IPO). Moreover, it’s set to launch “in the first half of 2018” as said by Muhammad Afzal, United Motor’s General Manager.

And now, a Facebook user has posted images of the United Bravo which is actually a rebadged Dahe Motor DH350 made by a Chinese company.


White United Bravo Exterior Front

The design is fairly minimal, however, considerably modern if we compare it to the Suzuki Mehran’s decades-old design. If United does not degrade it and bring the original Chinese version, we can expect some handy features including fog lamps, lens headlights, LED brake lights, anti-collision beam, and alloy rims in the exterior.

United Bravo Exterior Back


Inside, the interior resembles most Japanese cars – usually imported in Pakistan, but seems low-cost in comparison. Though the features do seem to meet minimum safety and drive assist standards usually unequipped in Pakistani local vehicles. It has four electric windows, FM radio, rear-window defrosting, remote central lock, reverse camera, electric power steering (some variants), a touchscreen infotainment system, and USB ports.


United Motors Confirms Launch of ‘Affordable & Better Car’ Than Mehran

Under the hood, the 3 cylinder engine has a displacement figure of 800cc. For now, there is no official confirmation on the exact date of launch and feature list, however, it is reasonable to expect it might come with lesser features when compared with the variant sold in China.

According to rumors, it might get priced close to Rs. 7 lacs in order to compete with the Suzuki Mehran.

Stay in touch to get quick updates on United Bravo. Are you excited for Bravo’s launch? Leave your comments below.

  • Murtaza Rangwalla


    • Ahsan


    • waqas raza

      Ameen. SumAmeen

  • Armaghan

    everything is good except UNITED mono and BRAVO on bold capitals… bhai kia nabina afraaf k liye banai hai gari???

    • Division

      chinese ghari ha unki ankhian bi choti choti hoti hain sahi nazar nai ata unay

      • Nabeel Siddiqui

        Don’t be racist. Respect them

    • uxman xafar

      Hahaha noticed the same thing ..
      United mono is also very big ..
      Get it smart man ..

    • Farooq Ahmed


  • die mehran die

    finally end of mehran cult

  • seefi_boy

    I’m excited… We are tired of looking that retro looking frogged faced non-evolutionized mehran… It’s about time change comes…

  • Ummah
    • hassan

      no, it is not. you are stupid!

      • Ummah

        Has… Ap ko to aisa gussa laga hai jaise ap ki pushal per pao rakh dia ho…….

      • waqar hussain

        May be you are stupid. Or may be you can say it is inspired instead of copy to keep your temper down.

    • Laeeq Ahmed

      No see the indents in opposite direction.

    • f

      Whether copied from other variant but surely it will beat others! thats what market needs

  • Qasim

    Till the time skills and spares for the type is mot available, Mehran rules. It is another truth that Mehran and other hatchbacks are already in double price wrt international prices of same genre.

  • Safdar Hanif

    Kia lucky and Nishat Hundai such a big groups are delaying with Resources available, then how early possible for United mortars to launch in end of this year

    • AbdulB1

      everything will be cleared by june’s end when Pakistan will go to IMF.

  • Roshan Zameer

    Looking Good in expected Eco price,but mafia won’t welcome this precious product & spare parts may be lil problem in initial stages.
    Overall a big move by United motors.
    Wish them all the best.

  • Tashfain Haider

    In the end the game is of parts, of which mehran has an absolute advantage. It will take a lot of time for united to make place in the market. People will think twice before buying this car and it may take some years for the car to get trusted among the public as many people in this country are brand conscious.

    • CaR M0nitor

      it wont be a big problem because it has the same mehran engine under the hood, so only body parts will be a problem and considering united motors is already a established manufacturer in pakistan, they might be able to provide decent after sales service..

  • This looks fresh! May wanna revised the logos at the back ?

  • Sami

    Finally road par kuch mehran km dikhne ko kilenge.. ;)

  • CaR M0nitor

    other than ugly logos on the back and front, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this and it is lovely if priced around 7 lacs, they say it will be launched in may this year, desperately waiting…

  • Rashid

    I’m excited with this price

  • Ahmad

    Price range should be around 5 lac max otherwise no one risk his amount on that bravo.

    • Muhammad Areeb

      i heard it about 9 lacs tax included

    • CaR M0nitor

      I think even it cost around mehran then it will be a success if they could cope up with the demand..,, as far as you are concerned I am not sure, but I will buy this thing right away if they launch it in Karachi with 7.6 lacs price tag at most

  • Adnan

    Jis Tarha Nawaz Jitna Keh Le Q Nikala Jitna Loot Le Awam Ko Phir Bhi Awam PLM (N) Ko He Vote Degi
    Theek Usi Tarha Koi Bhi Mehran Jaisa Ya Sasta Car A Jaye MARKET Main
    Par Log Mehran He Lenge :

    It’s Pakistani Human Nature :

  • logo tu “Ford” company ki tarha he ha.

    • Muhammad Areeb

      bilkul sahi kaha mujhe shuru mei ford hi laga tha but united ka logo bht bara hai

  • Muhammad Asim

    Its Speedometer is max 120 KM/h, while Mehran is 140 KM/h.

    • Syed Ali Raza Zaidi

      does mehran goes up to 140 ??????????????

      • Atif

        yes at least meter shows such.

      • Asim

        Yes, its normal for EFI mehran to go up-to 140, even carby mehran goes 125+

    • CaR M0nitor

      and it barely goes to 100 without making you feel safe

  • Armaghan
    • Ammad Riaz

      where to book this car

      • Armaghan

        booking not yet started bro…

        • expected date of launch/booking ?

  • Ammad Riaz

    Where to book this car.? United motors has no official website for car (for bikes and rickshaws it has). All the information we are getting is coming from unofficial sources.

    • Ahtysham Afzal

      Yeah, exactly. I need to buy this asap!

  • Gul Ahmed Jangda

    A slap on Pak Suzuki face. This thing will dominate the market quickly if its priced under 800k. I mean just look at it bro! And please don’t cry about spare parts, importing parts from China will not be a big deal for United as they are importing the whole car. Moreover parts will be cheap for sure.

  • Looks way better than the crap Mehran.

  • Ibrahim Aurakzai

    I hope all the taxi drivers in Pakistan start using this, at least we will have air conditioned taxis from now on.

    • Armaghan

      we already have air conditioned taxis CAREEM and UBER and much cheaper then usual taxis…

  • Muhammad Areeb

    bht late news hai aur ye 9 lac k nazdeeq ho gi

  • RANA

    KIA PICANTO is much better option with elegant design and features, well we dont know the actual price either so no point to compare .

    Its a good effort from United, it should capture a big market share & enjoy the benefit of vacuum in low priced vehicle category.

    in my view, its not Suzuki whose in threat, as they have already discontinued MEHRAN. so its actually Japanese car importers who made plenty of wealth now time to loose (Mira, wagon r , Nissan, bla bla bla) specially a lot of R grade vehicles with price tage PKR 1,250,000/-

    • CaR M0nitor

      Mehran is not discontinued, they might discontinue it at the end of this year may be, but suzuki wont take it as a competition, and I desperately want that suzuki keeps on sleeping while rest of the players take them by surprise..

  • Nabeel Siddiqui

    The monopoly of PAK Suzuki in small cars are going to end. Thanks to current government to makes good policies.

  • Ahmed Ali

    logon pe aisa ghatiyan ehsan krne ki zarurat nai hai. gari deni hai to 4 lakh ke andar dain yeh kya bakwas competition ki aar mai logon ko phuddu bana re ho. say no to mehran say no to bravo. koi competition nai hai yeh market share tor rahe hain jaise dusri gariyon ne tora hai. sasti gari dain. 3 lakh mai ghareeb ke liye dain phir baat hai. fucking hypocrites.

    • Ahtysham Afzal

      O bhai bhai bhai…

    • CaR M0nitor

      yar ye banda kon hai? oo bhai tujhe nai leni tu mat le 3 lac main koi purani gaarri nai aati, 3 lakh main ghar p gaarri nai ban skti, 3 lackh main garri ki halat kya hogi, oo bhai kon hai ye banda? isko gaarri chahiye ya gaarri ki tasweer

  • John dam

    Dear Propakistani, Please stop posting fake news about this car..! There is no official website of United motors cars. They, United Motorcycles, only offer loader rickshaws besides motorcycles. Don’t know from where do you get these fake pictures.

    • Ammad Riaz

      Hahahaha.. rating ka zamana hai bhai.. clicks k liye koi b news laga dete hain ye.. or hmari awam b hath dho k peeche par jati hai.. Just Chill

  • Imran Ashraf