United Auto’s Bravo Hatchback Will Compete Directly Against Suzuki Mehran

United Motors is expected to launch an 800cc hatchback to put a halt to Suzuki Mehran’s unending reign. This was confirmed by the company’s officials as the company has now applied for copyrights to their upcoming car’s design. The application has been submitted to the Intellectual Property Organisation of Pakistan (IPO).

The company is the second largest motorbike manufacturer in Pakistan and has already confirmed its entry into the four-wheel business. According to Muhammad Afzal, United Motor’s General Manager,

United Auto Industries is venturing into car and pickup manufacturing. The company will use Chinese technology and market its vehicles under the brand name of United. The local assembly of these vehicles will begin in the first half of 2018.


United Motors Confirms Launch of ‘Affordable & Better Car’ Than Mehran

The good news is that United Motors has decided to keep the prices “extremely affordable” while providing “various features and safety measures” – a quality absent in most locally assembled vehicles.

United Bravo

The upcoming car might not be a complete Mehran clone – because United filed for a design copyright – but it will have a different design than other vehicles currently present in the market. The copyright application is for a vehicle called “United Bravo”, so we can expect it to be marketed under this name in the coming years.

United Motors assured that the upcoming vehicle will be equipped with international grade features which most Pakistani hatchbacks lack, including safety measures. Let’s hope the company stands up to its promise and Pakistan finally gets to see some new wheels on the streets.

Are you excited about the upcoming United Bravo? Will it be able to surpass Mehran and serve as a worthy replacement? Feel free to leave your thoughts below!

Via: PakWheels

    • United Motor’s GM did say that assembly will begin in the “first half of 2018”. No other news on this so far.

  • Suzuki Mehran, if not remodeled soon, will definitely get a big dent in sales figure.

  • Here on ProPak I read that Suzuki is going to end Mehran production by March 2019. United is planning to take up the market since imported hatchbacks have pushed Mehran sales to dead level. Nonetheless, in view of Mehran’s current price (around 8 lac) it’s definitely not going to keep itself popular in presence of Japanese, same size imported cars. On the other hand, United motorcycles has also failed to mark it’s quality as compared to other Chinese bikes. Thus, I don’t think that it’s cars will be any different in terms of quality i.e. below average.

  • mehran to alto k naam se remodel horahi hai but i think k exterior change kar k purany engine or thok lagay hue interior ilawa kch nai mily ga or pesy to kam se kam suzuki walon ne 10 mangny hain kyun k wagon R k pesy barrha diye hain, pata nahi phr ye qom suzuki ka naya dabba leny ka kya bahana dhunday gi, abhi tak to suzuki mega carry extra flop hi hai, lets see

  • as united motorbikes are well reput among all chinese technology bikes so we hope its car will also not just a copycat of mehran

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