Sports Minister Takes Action After Sindh Games’ Mattress Controversy

The Sindh Games, held recently, stirred a lot of controversy over the poor facilities provided during the event. The government approved Rs. 40 million for the event, however, from the condition of mattresses used during the games, it seems that the money went elsewhere.

The 17th Annual Sindh Games were held from 19th to 22nd April. The Games concluded yesterday and, finally, Sindh Minister for Sports has taken action against the poor facilities.

During the high-jump games, an athlete fell on his face that led to the criticism of the authorities handling the event. Take a look at it yourself;


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The Action

Talking to a media outlet, the minister told that National Coaching Center provided the mattresses. Action has been taken against them and several officials have also been summoned for inquiry.

Mohammed Bux Khan Mahar, the sports minister, admitted to the flaws during the event and said they are working on it. He added;

We have learned a lot from the event. To overcome such issues in the future, we are making an athletic track in Hyderabad.

The minister was questioned about the sprinkler-less hockey ground as well. Recently, a hockey ground with artificial blue turf was built in Benazirabad, however, the genius authorities forgot to put water sprinklers on the turf. The minister responded that the issue has been resolved and sprinklers have been installed as well.

He further added that a gymnasium specifically for women has also been built at Khatoon-e-Pakistan Government Degree College For Women.

The games were held in the Sindh’s Capital as Karachi retained their title.

Via Geo

  • The corruption that has seeped into the system is just like a cancer spreading everywhere. And it all comes from the top.

  • I wonder why dont Sindhi Nationalists and PPP purists speak up. When will be the time? Affairs in Sindh make Punjab seem like a paradise on earth.

  • If Balochistan wasn’t messed up by Nawabs and insurgency, interior Sindh would have been the most backwards place in Pakistan. All thanks to zinda Bhutto’s peepulz party.

  • 5 percent bhi nahi laga hoga is event pe.
    Election k time hi sab ko yaad aa rhi hain cheezain.

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