Aprilia’s Dorsoduro 900 Sports Bike is Now Available in Pakistan

Aprilia is a high-end motorbike manufacturer hailing from Italy and offers some pretty cool products for motorbiking enthusiasts who need premium build, speed, and handling.

Aprilia is a subsidiary owned by Italy’s Piaggio & C. S.p.A – whose products are distributed by Ravi Group in Pakistan. The company has won “54 World Titles, hundreds of wins in World Class Motor Racing, SBK and off-road”.

Moreover, Aprilia also manufactures sports bikes for both normal commuters and racers. Ravi Group has previously partnered with Piaggio and has brought some other notable brands such as Derbi to Pakistan.

Now, Aprilia is officially available in Pakistan and supplies premium motorbikes in Pakistan through its authorized dealerships.

One of Aprilia’s advanced sports-bike, Dorsoduro 900, is a naked supermotard that offers race bike features and advanced electronic ride assist technologies. It is now officially available in Pakistan.

Let’s take a look at what it offers;


Dorsoduro 900 Back

Dorsoduro 900 Side

Aprilia says that Dorsoduro has been carefully designed to find the right balance of sporty looks and optimized riding experience. The company makes racing bikes, so it needs to ensure that its design not only offers top-notch performance but also a satisfactory “ride-feel” and adequate room for the rider to seamlessly transition between lean-positions for countering harsh turns and corners.

The superstructures (of Dorsoduro) are reduced to the minimal indispensable, as anything that is not essential for performance and maximum riding pleasure has been foregone.

It uses a “full Ride-by-wire electronic accelerator system” which ensures efficient acceleration and changes engine response based on speed, gearbox position, throttle grip, temperature, and even air flow.

This system changes fuel/air mixture in real-time to remove jerks and improve fuel consumption. Depending on the terrain, Dorsoduro can be switched between Sport, Touring, and Rain modes to switch between aggression, comfort, and smoothness respectively.

Dorsoduro 900 HD

Internal Specifications

Dorsoduro 900 Zoom

The engine is an 896cc Aprilia 90° V-Twin 4-stroke unit paired with Ride-by-Wire system with 3 engine maps. The four-vales per cylinder engine comes with liquid cooling and can deliver up to 90 [email protected],500 RPM torque. Thanks to the electronic systems toxic emission control, Dorsoduro is EURO 4 compliant and can hold 12 liters of petrol in its tank. Transmission is 6-speed.


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Front wheel has a floating double disc brake with aluminum flange, radial calipers with four pistons, and a metal braid brake pipe. The rear one is a wave stainless steel disc with single piston calipers. Both rear and front wheel brakes support ABS.

Suspension for the front wheel is a Kayaba upside-down fork and the rear one is an aluminum alloy swingarm. Both support preload adjustments and hydraulic rebound damping. It has traction control as well.

Dorsoduro 900 Specifications

Price & Availability

Top-notch hardware comes at a premium price –  Aprilia Dorsoduro 900 costs Rs. 1,650,000 and is available for purchase in Pakistan.

For now, there’s only one Aprilia authorized dealership, namely Xtreme Motor Sports, and its located at Mcleod Road in Lahore.

Aprilia has an official Pakistani website, visit it here for more details on Aprilia motorbikes.


  • Aprilia Dorsoduro 900 costs Rs. 1,650,000

    Only guy who is Nawaz Sharif will buy it. You can buy a Good sedan car with that amount.

    besides in Pakistan, bike is a family bike

  • I saw them in Sareena as startup exhibition/celeberation.

    They are better then the Honda 150 in Pakistan

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