Indian Cricket Board Lashes Out Against Hassan Ali & Shahid Afridi’s “Misbehavior”

Following Hasan Ali’s rather overbearing display at the Attari-Wagah border flag-lowering ceremony, Indian cricket board has sent a notice to Najam Sethi to ‘deal with the issue of recent misbehavior’.

The BCCI lashed out and took serious offense against Hasan Ali and Shahid Afridi and called out the Pakistan cricket board to deal with the situation immediately.

A BCCI official remarked:

I would request Sethi to sternly deal with the issue of the recent misbehavior of the Pakistani cricketer in showing disrespect towards India as a country and other indiscriminate actions and words by former cricketers that do nothing to promote the right atmosphere for cricket. I do hope they at least understand the concept of a gentleman.

Hasan Ali was seen doing his signature celebration in the middle of the ceremony and later proceeded to intimidate an Indian ranger by patting his thigh and raising his arms in the air. The video is attached below:

On the other hand, Afridi was called out for tweeting about the Pakistan-India-Kashmir issue. He urged the United Nations to intervene and resolve the matter, which agitated the Indian officials. He’s a retired player so its hard what BCCI wants with the PCB since Afridi has a right to his opinion and he’s not bound by any contracts.


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The India media reported these incidents as following:

Taking things further, the BCCI official also briefly spoke about the Pak-Ind bilateral series. He said:

In an ideal world, we would host Pakistan in India and visit Pakistan to play there. Our willingness thus exceeds the willingness of PCB it appears, when we talk only of willingness.

However, firstly Sethi must understand that BCCI does not decide the policies of the Government of India, just the way PCB does not decide the policies of the Government of Pakistan. We are an Indian organisation that is bound by the laws of India and we have to comply with them, it is not a card for us but a legal necessity.

Although Hasan’s cameo at the border was over the top, Afridi’s freedom of speech has been wrongly pointed out by the BCCI members. However, it remains to be seen how PCB will react to the situation.

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  • wow, though i did not like what hassan did there but am more astonished at the hypocrisy BCCI carried, their chief openly said that till Pakistan stops terror (as per his fictitious media portray) we wont play bilateral series and now this statement, It is BCCI which has constantly tried to isolate pakistan in any form available, BCCI speaking about gentlemen is like Modi talking about love for Islam.


  • PCB should call the media and then burn the BCCI letter in front of them and spread the ashes over Ravi

  • If this act of Hassan was against the predefined protocol, then Hassan should apologize, otherwise we will soon start seeing civilians on the other side of the border, acting like Hassan, towards us.
    This should be stopped here.

    • teri anagrazi……………….itni fikar other side of the border, tu tu ticket kata INDIA guss jaaaa

  • OVer the top? Hassan Ali did exactly the right thing to show those cowards backstabbing animals in human clothing what real humans do to wild animals roaming in large part of the world. I would do the same whenever i travel and see a filthy indian crawling around.

  • Shayad India ko apna yad nhn hai k champion trophy k final se pehle Wahga border ki doosri taraf se un k ek Flop actor jis ka naam shayad Raju hai ya Kaaju us ne bhi ek harkat ki thi
    Hassan Ali ne jo kiya theek kiya ?

  • oh wow otherwise they were really waiting at Wagha to open the doors for us or even to enter Pakistan and play cricket. it happens when mind blow out, this modi fever is taking them to nowhere.

  • Those guards deployed there do it on Daily Basis. Why they (Indians) are overreacting if Hassan Ali also did it?

  • Main karoon to saala character dheela hai. LOL
    Like are you for real INDIANS.
    This kind of thing happens on daily basis there, just that he is a famous figure of Pakistan, Indians start bashing him.
    But now I am more interested to see what PCB got as a reply to BCCI. I hope PCB wont disappoint.
    And what are predefined protocols, there are none every one has freedom of speech. When an Indian did it before champions trophy “Sarfraz Sarfraz rona nahi”, we did not say anything. And now they start bashing, foolish people. I think they had not forgot champion trophy final LOL.

    • Aur sone pe suhaga ye k Bharat Maata ab Naani banne wali hai Saniya bhabhi ne MashaAllah se good news de di hai ?

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