Telenor Introduces 24/7 Self-Service Booths for Customers

Telenor Pakistan, one of the country’s leading digital services company, continues to pioneer innovative products that make life easier for 42.5 million customers.

This time around, Telenor has introduced something that is a first in Pakistan – a 24/7 Self-Service Booth that is guaranteed to transform how digital services in the 21st century are meant to be delivered – always online, accessible, convenient, secure and simple to use.

Telenor has already rolled out these booths in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, Faisalabad and Gujranwala, with more cities to be added later.

Man using Telenor Self-Service Booth

Self-Servicing Booths

These digital booths will help solve some of the most common issues faced by its customers such as:

  • Buy new Telenor SIMs
  • Replace SIMs
  • open bank accounts
  • Send and receive money through EasyPaisa
  • pay bills
  • avail Easyload and Easy Card facilities
  • All of this and more 24 hours and 7 days a week.

Typically, Telenor franchise offices close down around 5pm. But with these self-service booths, you can continue to enjoy the services offered by Telenor Pakistan at your own convenience any time of the day.

Telenor Self-Service Booth Usage

These state-of-the-art machines feature biometric verification, making them safe and secure against unregistered individuals. Telenor plans to place these self-service booths all over Pakistan and in some of the most important destinations so that everyone has access to them.

Telenor believes that just like ATMs have now become a necessity in our lives, these self-services booth may very well become part of our lives during the next few years.

Redefining Customer Satisfaction

The introduction of this booth may very well revolutionize the concept of customer services as they exist currently in Pakistan. As part of its #TelenorHearsYou outreach campaign, the telecoms and digital services company is listening to customer feedback and concerns, and taking a proactive issue to problem-solving – saving the customers’ time and energy as they do so.

Telenor 4G Self-Service Booth with easypaisa


  • Using this service by ufone in Faisalabad since ages. Telenor is as slow as their internet.

  • OMG. I am quite impress with this self service booth. :O
    Hats off to Telenor Pakistan.

  • Can we insert cash into the self service booth and top up our EasyPaisa account with it?

  • After the visit/interview of Mr. Siae Brekke President Telenor Group this has a lot of meaning to Digital initiatives. Please indicate your kiosks in Karachi location and timings. This is a great move in the Digital Initiative.

  • Can someone please teach them the difference between a stand-alone machine and a “booth” (which is defined by Mirriam Webster dictionary as: “A small enclosure affording privacy for one person at a time, such as a telephone booth.” — the primary consideration for qualifying as a “booth” being provision of privacy in an enclosed space). Where is the “enclosed space providing privacy” in this electronic machine?
    As a CMO or Director in Telenor, I would expect Bilal and Waqas to know such basic English terminologies, and their correct usage, specially when they appear on videos endorsing the product, and not blindly apply what their product team churns out.
    Speaks volumes about the quality of the product approval process being followed at Telenor,
    when even the name of the product/service has not had enough thought put in, and is being copied-pasted from a former government-owned operator’s two year old idea.
    Then calling it a Innovative pioneering idea.
    Once upon a time, I had respect for Telenor.

    • The places where booth is installed has a closed enclosure like an ATM. Try visiting pso pump in isb or Gujranwala CSD and you will get to know the difference and clarity from Merriam Webster dictionary:) it is just like you referring to the dictionary and don’t know correct spelling of your reference as it is Merriam and not mirriam…
      As a critique if you are correcting people English then dude u need to do your correct homework too :)
      If a company is doing something innovative and convenient for the customers, let’s encourage it then displaying typical mentality that we have to criticise anything and everything.

      Good work Telenor!

      • Thanks for correcting my spelling, much appreciated — you are absolutely right about the spelling of Merriam. Thank you.
        Guess that invalidates all the other points I made in my comments?

        I do not have to visit any pump in Islamabad or Gujranwala. My comments were based on the video attached, and that is what I referred to, and mentioned as such in my comments.

        In your haste to defend Telenor, you “missed” the reference I made to this fact.
        Furthermore, you continued to push the false narrative of innovation, despite the fact that the same concept has been copied from an almost two year old idea launched already by Ufone, as has also been mentioned by other commentators as well.
        I never said it was not convenient nor good for public, that is an assumption you have made.

        What I am referring to is the poor quality of the approval process at Telenor, which is adequately reflected by the video itself, in that it shows clearly that both the product manager who took the approval for the product launch, as well as his management, missed an existing similar product by one of the only four or five competitors which has existed in the market for a few years, and claim — like you, that theirs is the first, and hence they are innovative.
        This actually begs the question . . . are they simply incompetent at their jobs for missing it (a simple SWAT analyses would have identified this), or just plain crooked for knowing it, and then lying about it?
        THAT is my point.
        And you missed it entirely because you were too focused on defending the company, and finding some fault to trash my comments. The only thing you could find was the spelling of Merriam. But in the process missed the larger picture — the main point and issue being explained — it happens, no worries.Let me tell you what I DO encourage.
        Less chest-thumping, more honesty and integrity, and efforts to be great at your job, not just good. Encouraging everything crap, just to “appear” positive is not a forte, and does no one any favors.
        All it breeds is acceptance of fair as good enough, and not push towards excellence. The result is poor quality and non-optimal results, inefficiencies and loss of revenue potential — hence not the best ROI on the shareholder’s investment.
        These people are paid and arm and a leg to do their jobs. “Fair” is not acceptable at this level. It seems the fascination with being “average” and “fair enough” or “laid-back” has corroded the vigor for brilliance.
        Please do not defend it.

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