#TelenorHearsYou: Here’s How Telenor Pakistan Has Made Customers the Heart Behind Its Latest Campaign

There’s no doubt that social media has single-handedly revolutionized the way companies look after the needs of their customers. A single review online, and the public response to it, can make or break how a business is viewed by everyone.

With the deeply public and democratic nature of social media, how a company chooses to respond to the issues raised by its customers, and how it can capitalize on the goodwill it gains – these things are now more important than ever.

Telenor Pakistan, one of Pakistan’s leading telecoms services provider, is all too cognizant about the challenges it faces in today’s digital age. Its 42.5 million strong user base also means that it has to make good with its leadership role in the telecoms and digital arena.

Businesses get instant feedback, and the need for ensuring that their customer satisfaction rates remain high has never been more important than the present.

How is Telenor rising to the challenge? What are some of the things that the premier telecoms and digital solutions company is doing to ensure that it makes its customers feel valued?

Hearing is Caring

Telenor Pakistan wants to put its customers at the heart of its newest campaign – #TelenorHearsYou. Like the hashtag states, Telenor wants to hear from you and solve your issues. But it just doesn’t want to solve issues as they occur, rather, the company is hoping to take all the feedback and identify in solving some of the most common issues that its customers face the most, and banish those pain points for good.


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Telenor Pakistan aims to reach out to its customers by showcasing how Telenor hears what every customer has to say about their service level and how Telenor responded to these concerns by bringing about effective changes in their systems and processes.

A Proactive Approach to Solving Customers’ Problems

The company also realizes that every customer has different requirements and that it has its work cut out for it. Here are some of the ways the company has improved its service delivery and processes in its quest to provide better experiences for its customers

Reducing Internet Settings Errors

Telenor has been aware that most of its customers face issues configuring their internet settings on the phones. To solve this issue, the company rolled out new guidelines and empowered its call center representatives to provide On-Call resolution to customers with no dependency on APN settings to use the Internet.

After taking customer feedback, Telenor has eliminated their customers pain by reducing internet charges while they have activated a bundle. Customers are now charged Rs.1 per mb only till the validity of their bundle, if there internet MBs are over.

Remarkably, this has led to a massive 93% reduction in customer complaints and a 40% increase in resolution rate being provided on the first call.

Timely and Efficient Handling of Common Helpline Queries and Issues

Fixes made on call blocking, incorrect billing, incorrect offer activation and de-activation, bundle priority issues, Location-based complaints and cell-site fixtures have led to a massive reduction of helpline call volume by 50%.

Always Listening

Telenor Pakistan has successfully achieved the “No.1 Socially Devoted Brand” award since June 2017 due to active social listening. Simply put, Telenor’s social media team has its ear on popular social media platforms round the clock, listening to what the customers are saying, and gathering crucial insights that have allowed it to get ahead of its competitors when it comes to serving their customers better, for example, there was a recurring customer pain point of being charged a hefty pay as you go amount on internet consumption if their bundle was exhausted before the validity of the bundle. Consequently, Telenor heard its customer and brought a solution where Rs. 1 per MB is charged for additional MB consumption till the validity of the bundle.

Contact Center Service Levels Achieve Peak Efficiency

Telenor has enjoyed an Increase in their Contact Center service level from 75% in July 2017 to 99% in December 2017. Many customers who visit their contact centers have walked away satisfied with the way their issues were handled by the company’s representatives and that too in a timely manner.


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Moreover, our agents have been enabled to take key decisions by themselves which helps in solving customer issues in an agile manner, for example, they can give balance in case of wrong charging to the customers.

An Intelligent Response System           

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Technology is constantly being fine-tuned based on Customer Response. The IVR was revamped based on customer feedback, leading to a 4% increase in utilization, as per Telenor’s data.

Empowering Customers Real-Time

Providing convenience and ease to the customers, we introduced *710# code and My Telenor App which the customers can use and manage their account. With *710# and My Telenor App, customers can check their account details, package plan details, subscribe offers, block and unblock their sim, get their PUK/PIN code and many other routine tasks.

These are but just some of the ways that Telenor Pakistan has ensured that its customers are empowered and  feel valued. Looking forward, the digital services company will be rolling out yet more improvements to serving its customers better. After all, #TelenorHearsYou and its just getting started.

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