#BoycottChicken: Pakistanis Call for Chicken Boycott as Prices Soar Ahead of Ramzan

There are still a few days left before the holy month of Ramzan begins in Pakistan. There is one thing that is devoid of all logic yet so predictable and that is the spiraling high prices of food items. The month preaches lessons of great values, however, the unscrupulous mafia that controls essential commodities’ prices makes sure it gets none of it. Cashing in on the increased demand during Ramazan, this mafia goes against the very purpose of Ramzan.

The practice has been common for decades now and authorities have failed time after time to control the sudden hike in prices. This time, the poultry mafia, crossing all ethical boundaries and without a trace of shame has soured the chicken prices by as much as 100% to make huge profits.

The poultry suppliers try to justify the hike by stating that demand has increased and this means the supply is short. However, greed is the only word that can be used to describe actions of these dishonest individuals who don’t give two hoots about anything but profits.


Should You Support the Countrywide Fruit Boycott Campaign?

A campaign is building up against the mafia that has skyrocketed the prices of poultry. The campaigners are demanding people to boycott buying chicken for at least three days so these poultry suppliers come to their senses.

The Campaign

The #boycottchicken is trending on Twitter against the poultry mafia, let’s take a look at what people have to say;

The price of chicken has touched Rs 340 per kilogram in several cities of the country, over to the CJP maybe?


People are asking the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take a notice of the price hike;


The price of mutton and beef has soured as well in some cities. So either boycott the meat mafia or go vegetarian, the choice is yours.

Last year fruit vendors also increased the prices drastically. There was a nation-wide campaign against them for three days which led to the decrease in prices eventually.

  • Afsos Hota hai Aise Musalmano Pe
    Jo 11 Month to Sale Sale Sale Laga Laga K Sale Karte hai
    Ramdan Ate he Basic Cheezo Ki Price Double Ho Jati Hai:
    Ghair Muslim Ko Ahtaram Ramadan Main Jannat Ki Basharat Howi
    Yaha Musalman Ahtaram Ramadan Main Price Increase Kar K Gunha Kama Rahy hai :

    RIP Governement

    • in UK, the English stores put on special offers, the desi ones meanwhile do the same as in Pakistan but not to that extent

  • We all should boycott purchase of chicken and fruits during holy month of Ramadan. This is the best solution to discourage profiteers, hoarders of these stuffs. During Iftar there is no need to go for heavy meal because dates and sharbat is sufficient to break fast.

  • Non-Muslims respect ramzan more than our “Ramadan” abiding EMAAN wale hazrat. A Hindu grocery merchant in My city Larkana is offering 30% less prices specifically on Roza related goods & a FULL BEARD five time mosque goer EMAAN wala shop owner opposite to him just raised the price of baisen by 50% saying “Sir Ramadan main yehi price hoti hai”……. *Shrugs*

  • Hamari qom hy hi aisi. Apni dunya or auron ki akhirat ki fiqr. Maal ka hawas, aurton ki izat k sath khailna and baghair mehnat kiye (shortcut mar k) behria me ghar khareedny ka khowab daikhna.

    Afsos hota hy apny logon ki zahniyat, niyat aur attitude daikh k. Allah hum sub pe Reham farmae aur hidayat de.

  • Don’t understand what the fuss is about ? If a seller wants to sell his chicken for 10000 rupees he should be allowed to. I cant buy an Audi but does that mean that the PM and government should force Audi cars to be sold for a lesser price?No…you buy what you can afford and dont buy what you cant . Simple. Putting Ramzan and ethics and morality all into it is crazy. Prices have increased because people go crazy buying in Ramzan.

    • No, its Govt duty to control the price policy.
      you can’t just open the shop and start selling anything for whatever cost you like.
      We pay taxes to Govt. to govern the people by controlling everything in the favor of peoples.

  • Chicken needs to be boycotted because of the following issue:
    1. Too much antibiotic in their feed. Can cause immune issues in children and resistance to antibiotics in adults.
    2. Hormone imbalance due to excessive growth hormone in chicken feed. This can cause lever issue, metabolism issues.
    The chicken is in the market in 40 days. Just buy a chick and try to grow it on natural food. It takes a year before it can be ready to eat.

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