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This is your easy guide to figuring out how to find something to buy, rent, or sell using just an app. developed the Zameen App in 2014, and up until now, more than 700,000 people have downloaded it.


Looking for an easy way to buy, sell, or rent your property in Pakistan? Perhaps you should consider checking out the Zameen App.

Are you looking for a piece of property to buy or rent? Or are you on the other side of the picture and need to sell or rent out your property? This is where the Zameen App can make life easier for you.

Here’s how you can make the most of the app.

At first look, you can see that the app allows you to select your language, currency, and area measurement preferences. This will allow you to view property options as per certain parameters you set. There are a range of other options that you can look at, these are:

Easy filters

The app makes life easy because it essentially lets you simplify the process of finding the right property. Zameen App lets you look for property to buy or rent, and you can even set the search to new projects.

These property listings are from all over Pakistan; consisting of houses, flats, farmhouses, office spaces, shops, plots, and semi-furnished properties as well. With various filters, you can customise your search down to the minutest details such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, area, price, property ID (if you are looking for a specific property using an ID someone has shared with you, for instance), and even date of addition.


After you’re done making your search query as specific as you want, a list of property options will be provided to you.

Search through popular options

With every property ad, there are contact details of the real estate agency and/or marketing agency, or individuals selling this particular property. The asking price is already added, and with contact details, you can further negotiate with the seller.

Added with each listing are feature pictures which show you exactly what your property would look like from interiors to exteriors, and the overall locality where this property is located.


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The ‘Super Hot’ properties appearing at the top of every search query even contain detailed video walkthroughs, which are really the next best thing to visiting the property in person. Browsing therefore becomes a lot more comprehensive, and when you finally set out to visit your selected properties, your shortlist is simply better informed.

You can Save, and Add to Favourites any property options that you find attractive now and would want to return to later. This will create a database of your own and help you reconsider and compare options later.

How to use Zameen App if you are a seller?

If you are a seller, a certain quota is assigned to you once you create an account. You can post free ads for 1 property up for sale, and up to 4 properties to be put on rent. This can be done in the ‘My Properties’ tab of the app, which gives you details about your quota. If you’re posting properties as a seller, you are instantly connected to more than 5 million monthly visitors who are looking for property, and enquiries will flow in accordingly.

What’s new?

Under the New Projects tab, explore the world of innovative new real estate options, many of which are available on installments. has successfully brought on board most of the new projects around the country, and there is a breathtaking array of details about all of them available on the app.

From property types to prices, from payment plans to floor plans, developer history to precise locations, everything about these new projects are accessible with a few simple swipes of the finger. The Zameen App is today the go-to source for anyone looking to buy, sell or rent property in Pakistan.

Since the last year, the company has added quite a few interesting features to the product to make life easier for people looking to buy, sell or rent property. The app is a move forward in the right direction. With millions of apps available, this is the one app which carries the key to unlocking your property-owning dreams!

You can download it today for Android and iOS.


  • They miss 1 essential filter and that is if seller is selling actual land with Possession or just the file/ piece of paper/hope/promise…

  • Saaloun porani updates hain.
    Property price Karachi main 3 maheenay same nahi rehti, Zameen pe 3-4 saal porani updates hain ‘New Projects’ k andar.

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