Here Are Some of The Best Sehr and Iftar Deals for Ramadan 2018

Fancy a great meal with an attractive and irresistible discount this Ramadan? If you are looking to go out with your family and friends for Iftar, or ordering in food for Sehr, many restaurants and fast food chains are rolling out mouth-watering discounts no matter which city in Pakistani you live in.

To make the most of your Ramadan dine out or dine in scene, we have compiled a list of Iftar as well as Sehr deals for Ramadan 2018. There’s everything for everyone – fast food, barbecue, continental dishes, Chinese cuisine, traditional Pakistani dishes and more for your convenience.


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We will be listing the Iftar and Sehr deals city by city (with more to be added as they become available).

Iftar and Sehr Deals in Karachi

Name TypePrice Menu
California Pizza Iftar till SehrRs. 599+tax / Rs. 1,199+taxClick here
Pizza Max Iftar and SehrIftar: Rs. 799, Sehr: Rs. 699Click here
Nando’s Iftar BuffetRs. 550 + taxClick here
Hardee’s Iftar till SehrRs. 950 / Rs. 1,450Click here
KFC Iftar till SehrRs. 1,695 / Rs. 1,295Click here
McDonald’s Iftar till SehrRs. 475 / Rs. 575Click here
PizzaHut Iftar till SehrRs. 1,999Click here
ChachaJee Iftar PlatterRs. 750Click here

Burger O’Clock

 Iftar PlatterRs. 550 +taxClick here
Salt’n Pepper Iftar and SehrIftar: Rs. 1.495, Sehr: Rs. 750Click here


 Iftar + DinnerRs. 2,199 +tax / Rs. 1,399+taxClick here
Subway  Iftar PlatterRs. 2,800Click here
Port Grand Iftar + Dinner (Pizza Deal)Rs. 1,499 + tax, Rs. 999Click here
Chaupal Iftar and Sehr1,299/1,399 + tax, Rs. 999Click here
Rosati Bistro Iftar + DinnerRs. 1,199 + taxClick here
Arena Rangoli Iftar + DinnerRs. 1,399 + taxClick here
Bar.B.Q Tonight Iftar (Home Delivery)Rs. 1,250 + taxClick here
Chips Fast Food Iftar till SehrRs. 1600/ Rs. 1000 / Rs. 500Click here
Lasania Restuarant Iftar BuffetRs. 1000Click here
Ziafat Iftar + DinnerRs. 1,465 + taxClick here
WingItt Iftar till SehrRs. 999 + taxClick here
Sauce Burger Cafe Iftar till SehrRs. 600 + taxClick here
The Newyorker Iftar till Sehr (Pizza Deal)Rs. 1,999Click here
The Deli Iftar BuffetRs, 1,950 + taxClick here
Sultan The Royal Iftar BuffetRs. 995 + taxClick here
Sizzlerz Cafe & Grill Iftar Platter50% DiscountClick here
Savor (Boating & Restaurant) Iftar + DinnerRs. 3,000 + taxClick here
Roasters Iftar Platter50% DiscountClick here
Red Emperor Iftar BuffetRs. 999 + taxClick here
Ranoush Villa Iftar and SehrRs. 1,399, Rs. 799Click here
Q’s Lounge Iftar PlatterRs. 999Click here
Pizza Pie Iftar till Sehr (Pizza Deal)Rs. 1,400Click here
Paramount Iftar and SehrRs. 395Click here
Optp Iftar and SehrRs. 390Click here
Marriot Hotel Iftar and SehrRs. 2,400 + tax, Rs. 1,500 + taxClick here
Lals Iftar BuffetRs. 2,500 + tax for two person.Click here
Kolachi Restaurant Iftar BuffetRs. 2,190 + taxClick here
KhanJi Iftar + DinnerRs. 1,599 + taxClick here
Hoagies Iftar till SehrRs. 1,350 + taxClick here
Heisen Burgers Iftar till SehrRs. 899Click here
Grill O The Healthier Iftar till SehrRs. 1,599/Rs. 1,799/Rs. 2,249Click here
Grill House Iftar BuffetRs. 1,495 + taxClick here
Golden Chick Iftar till SehrRs. 699Click here
Dialogue Cafe Iftar BuffetRs. 1,485 + taxClick here
Del Frio Iftar BuffetRs. 1,295 + taxClick here
Daily Dubai Restaurant Iftar BuffetRs. 1,490Click here
Cosmopolitan Iftar BuffetRs. 1,685Click here
Cocochan SehrRs. 1,400 + taxClick here
Broadway Pizza Iftar till SehrRs. 1,099Click here
AFC Iftar till SehrRs. 250Click here


California Pizza – Karachi

California Pizza Ramzan Deal 1 California Pizza Ramzan Deal 2


Pizza Max – Karachi

pizza max ramzan offer


Nando’s – Karachi

nandos karachi


Hardee’s – Karachi

Hardees Iftar Deal


KFC – Karachi

KFC Ramzan DealRamadan KFC Family Festival Offer Karachi


McDonald’s- Karachi

Feast Ramadan Offer Karachi


PizzaHut- Karachi

Ramadan XL MEAL Offer Karachi


ChachaJee – Karachi

Chachajee Iftar Thali Deal Ramzan


Burger O’Clock – Karachi

Burger O'Clock Karachi Ramzan Deal


Salt’n Pepper – Karachi

Salt'n Pepper Village Karachi Iftar Cum Dinner Buffet


Kababjees – Karachi

Kababjees Ramzan Menu 2018


Subway – Karachi

subway platter


Port Grand – Karachi

port grand karachi iftar and dinner port grand karachi pizza deal


Chaupal – Karachi

Chaupal Karachi Iftar and Dinner Buffet Chaupal Karachi Sehr Deal

Rosati Bistro – Karachi

Rosati Bistro Karachi Iftar Dinner Buffet


Arena Rangoli – Karachi

Arena Karachi Iftar Ramzan Discount


Bar.B.Q Tonight – Karachi

Bar.B.Q Tonight Karachi


Chips Fast Food – Karachi

Chips Fast Food Ramadan Iftar Deal Karachi 1 Chips Fast Food Ramadan Iftar Deal Karachi 3Chips Fast Food Ramadan Iftar Deal Karachi 2


Lasania – Karachi

lasania karachi


Ziafat – Karachi

Ziafat Karachi


WingItt – Karachi

wingitt karachi


Sauce Burger Cafe – Karachi

the sauce burger cafe karachi


Newyorker Pizza – Karachi

he newyorker pizza karachi


The Deli – Karachi

the deli karachi


Sultan The Royal Eatery – Karachi

Sultan The Royal Eatery karachi


Sizzlerz Cafe and Grill – Karachi

sizzlerz cafe and grill karachi


Savor – Karachi

savor karachi


Roasters – Karachi



Red Emperor – Karachi

Red Emperor Karachi


Ranoush Villa – Karachi

Ranoush Villa karachi


Q’s Lounge – Karachi

Qs Lounge


PizzaPie – Karachi

PizzaPie Karachi


Paramount – Karachi

paramount karachi


Optp – Karachi



Marriot Hotel – Karachi



Lals – Karachi

lals karachi


Kolachi Restaurant – Karachi

Kolachi Restaurant Karachi


Khanji – Karachi

khanji karachi


Ibn-Battuta – Karachi

Ibn-Battuta karachi


Hoagies – Karachi

Hoagies Karachi


Heisen Burgers – Karachi

Heisen Burgers Karachi


Grill O The Healthier – Karachi

Grill O The Healthier Option karachi


Grill House – Karachi

Grill House


Golden Chick – Karachi

golden chick karachi


Dialogue Cafe – Karachi

Dialogue Cafe karachi


Del Frio – Karachi

Del Frio Karachi


Daily Dubai Restaurant – Karachi

daily dubai restaurant


Cosmopolitan – Karachi

cosmopolitan karachi


Broadway – Karachi

broadway karachi pizza deal

AFC – Karachi

AFC Karachi



Iftar and Sehr Deals in Lahore

Name TypePrice Menu
Salt’n PepperIftar and SehrIftar: Rs. 1,595, Sehr: Rs. 995 Click here
LA AtriumIftar + Dinner and SehrIftar: Rs. 1,799 + tax, Sehr: Rs. 1,099 + tax Click here
Bundu KhanIftar + Dinner and SehrIftar: Rs. 1,299 + tax Click here
ChachaJeeIftar PlatterRs. 750 Click here
Manhattan BitesIftar till SehrRs. 749 + tax Click here
TaipeiIftar and DinnerRs. 1,250 + tax / Rs. 850 + tax Click here
HowdySehr DealsRs. 699/ 999/ 1399 + tax Click here
Kings & QueensIftar till Sehr25% discount on Medium, Large & Family Pizzas Click here
Cafe CostaIftar + Dinner and SehrRs. 375, Rs. 1149 + tax, Rs. 699 + tax Click here
Chandni ChowkIftar + Dinner and SehrRs. 1,399 + tax / Rs. 850 + tax Click here
KFCIftar till SehrRs. 1,695 / Rs. 1,295 Click here
Hardee’sIftar till SehrRs. 950 / Rs. 1,450 Click here
Nando’sIftar BuffetRs. 1,100 + tax/ Rs. 2,100 + tax Click here
SubwayIftar Platter and Sehri DealRs. 2,800, Rs. 499 Click here
Daar CheeniIftar + Dinner and SehrRs. 1,595 + tax, Rs. 895 + tax Click here
Luxus Grand HotelIftar and Dinner BuffetRs. 790 + tax, Rs. 1490 + tax Click here
LalQilaIftar + Dinner and SehrRs. 1,690, Rs. 1,090 Click here
Pearl ContinentalIftar + Dinner and SehrRs. 2,290 + tax, Rs. 1,400 + tax Click here
Bar.B.Q TonightIftar BuffetRs. 1,800/ Rs. 1,500 Click here
CP Five StarIftar till SehrRs. 365/599/999/1099 Click here
OpiumIftar + DinnerRs 1,399 + tax Click here
OptionsIftar till SehrRs. 999/1199/1399/1499/1699 Click here
The Pastry ShopIftar BoxRs. 850 + tax Click here
Gloria Jeans Iftar and SehrIftar: Rs. 550, Sehr: Rs. 550 Click here


Salt’n Pepper – Lahore

Ramdan Salt'n Pepper Live Buffet in Lahore


LA Atrium – Lahore

Ramdan LA Atrium Restaurant Offer Lahore


Bundu Khan – Lahore

Ramdan Bundu Khan Deal Lahore


ChachaJee – Lahore

Chachajee Iftar Thali Deal Ramzan


Manhattan Bites – Lahore

Manhattan Bites Iftar Buffet


Taipei – Lahore

Ramdan Taipei Deal Lahore


Howdy – Lahore

Howdy's Sehri Deal


Kings & Queens – Lahore

Ramdan Kings and Queens Deal Lahore


Cafe Costa – Lahore

cafe costa buffet ramzan deal


Chandni Chowk – Lahore

chandni chowk reataurant lahore buffet ramzan deal


KFC – Lahore

KFC Ramzan DealRamadan KFC Family Festival Offer Karachi


Hardee’s – Lahore

Hardees Iftar Deal


Nando’s – Lahore

Nando's Ramzan Deal

Subway – Lahore

subway plattersubway lahore sehri deal


Daar Cheeni – Lahore

Daar Cheeni Lahore Iftar Sehr Buffet


Luxus Grand Hotel – Lahore

Luxus Grand Hotel Lahore


LalQila – Lahore

LalQila Lahore Iftar sehr buffet


Pearl Continental – Lahore

pc lahore iftar buffet


Bar.B.Q Tonight – Lahore

Bar.B.Q Tonight lahore


CP Five Star – Lahore

CP Five Star Iftar Deals Lahore


Opium – Lahore

Opium Iftar cum Dinner Buffet Lahore


Options – Lahore

Options Restaurant Ramzan delivery deals lahore


The Pastry Shop – Lahore

Take Away Iftar Box lahore


Gloria Jean’s – Lahore

Glora Jeans Ramzan Deal



Iftar and Sehri Deals in Faisalabad

Name TypePrice Menu
Nando’sIftar BuffetRs. 1,100 + tax/ Rs. 2,100 + taxClick here
Hardee’sIftar till SehrRs. 950 / Rs. 1,450Click here
Salt’n PepperIftar and SehrIftar: Rs. 1,295, Sehr: Rs. 449Click here
PizzaHutIftar till SehrRs. 1,999Click here
McDonaldIftar till SehrRs. 475 / Rs. 575Click here
BurgerKingIftar till SehrRs. 499 / Rs. 899 / Rs. 1299Click here
KFCIftar till SehrRs. 1,695 / Rs. 1,295Click here
SubwayIftar PlatterRs. 2,800Click here
AFCIftar till SehrRs. 250Click here
Fri ChicksIftar till SehrRs. 299 / Rs. 549 / Rs. 2,299Click here
Serena HoyelIftar BuffetRs. 3,250Click here


Nando’s – Faisalabad

Nando's Ramzan Deal


Hardee’s – Faisalabad

Hardees Iftar Deal


Salt’n Pepper – Faisalabad

Iftar and Sehri Deals in FaislabadIftar and Sehri Deals in Faislabad Menu


PizzaHut – Faisalabad

Ramzan Pizza Hut XL Deal


Mcdonald’s – Faisalabad

MacDonald Feast Ramzan Offer


Burger King – Faisalabad

burger king ramzan deal 2


KFC – Faisalabad

KFC Ramzan DealRamadan KFC Family Festival Offer Karachi

Subway – Faisalabad

subway platter

AFC – Faisalabad

Fri Chicks – Faisalabad

fri-chicks faislabad 1 fri-chicks faislabad 2 fri-chicks faislabad 3 fri-chicks faislabad 4


Serena – Faisalabad

serena faislabad




Iftar and Sehri Deals in Peshawar

Habibi RestaurantIftar BuffetRs. 1260Click here
Mr. CodIftar till SehrRs. 499Click here
The Green Olive’sIftar BuffetRs. 1375Click here
Shiraz RestaurantIftar + Dinner BuffetRs. 1586Click here
KFCIftar till SehrRs. 1695Click here
SubwayIftar PlatterRs. 2,800Click here
Pearl-ContinentalIftar + Dinner and SehrRs. 2,290 + tax, Rs. 1,400 + taxClick here


Habibi Restaurant – Peshawar


Mr. Cod – Peshawar

Mr. COD Peshawar Ramzan Deal


The Green Olive’s – Peshawar

olive Peshawar Ramadan iftar


Shiraz Restaurant – Peshawar

shiraz ramzan sehr and iftar

KFC – Peshawar

KFC Ramzan Deal


Subway – Peshawar

subway platter


Pearl Continental – Peshawar

pc peshawar iftar buffet



Iftar and Sehri Deals in Rawalpindi & Islamabad

NameTypePrice Menu
Chef Mavra’s CuisineIftar BoxRs. 400 Click here
MoccaIftar and DinnerRs. 895, Rs. 1,150 Click here
Burger BiteIftar and SehrRs. 449,  Rs. 549 Click here
Burger KingIftar till SehrRs. 499/ Rs. 899 / Rs. 1,299 Click here
Monal RestaurantIftar and SehrRs. 1,545 + tax, Rs. 945 + tax Click here
Monal DowntownSehr BuffetRs. 945 + taxes Click here
KFCIftar till SehrRs. 1,295 / Rs. 1695 Click here
Jessie’s BurgerIftar and SehrRs. 995 , Rs. 495 Click here
Khiva RestaurantIftar + Dinner and SehrRs. 1,199 / Rs. 699 Click here
Marriot HotelIftar and SehrRs. 2,500, Rs. 1,650 Click here
Mj’s SpecialitiesIftar + Dinner and SehrRs. 1,290, Rs. 790 (3rd  free) Click here
New Yorker PizzaIftar till SehrUpto 10% Discount Click here
OptpIftar till SehrRs. 990 Click here
OX & GrillIftar BuffetRs. 1,490 (Buy 1 get 1 free) Click here
Pablo’sIftar PlatterRs. 895 Click here
PizzaHutIftar till SehrRs. 899 Click here
RoastersIftar + DinnerBuy one get 50% off on second Click here
Shakespeare’s LoungeIftar, Dinner and SehrRs. 999, Rs. 1,595, Rs. 595 +tax Click here
Siam Oriental CuisineIftar PlatterRs. 550 Click here
Salt’n PepperIftar and SehrRs. 1,299 + tax,  Rs. 599+ tax Click here
ChachajeeIftar PlatterRs. 750 Click here
The Emperor’s TableIftar + DinnerRs. 1145 Click here
Jade ChinatownIftar + DinnerRs. 1,399 + tax Click here
Hardee’sIftar till SehrRs. 950/ Rs. 1450 Click here
Nando’sIftar BuffetRs. 1,100 + tax/ Rs. 2,100 + tax Click here
Badmash BiryaniIftar till SehrRs. 999 Click here
Johnny RocketsIftar till SehrBuy 2, get 3rd free Click here
SubwayIftar PlatterRs. 2,800 Click here
Bar.B.Q TonightIftar + DinnerRs. 1,650 Click here
Mei KongIftar + DinnerRs. 1,495 + tax Click here
Khyber DodaiIftar + DinnerRs. 1,299 + tax Click here
Lokal CafeIftar, Dinner and SehrRs. 350, Rs. 450, Rs. 475 + taxes Click here
LA MontanaIftar + Dinner, SehrRs. 1,325 +tax, Rs. 545 + tax Click here
Safa Gold MallIftar till SehrRs. 300 – Rs. 999 Click here
DominosIftar till SehrRs. 899 +tax, Rs. 1149 + tax, Rs. 1999 + tax Click here
McDonald’sIftar till SehrRs. 675 Click here
PappasallisIftar BuffetRs. 1550 + tax Click here


Chef Mavra’s – Islamabad

Your HomeMade Fresh IFTAARI is simply a message away!!Like every Ramzan our IFTAAR BOX contains four delicious food…

Geplaatst door Chef Mavra's Cuisine op Vrijdag 4 mei 2018


  Mocca – Islamabad

Ramdan Mocca Islamabad

Burger Bite – Islamabad

burger bite ramzan offer


Burger King – Islamabad

burger king ramzan deal burger king ramzan deal burger king ramzan deal


Monal Restaurant – Islamabad

Daily Sehri Buffet MonalIftar Menu Monal


Monal Downtown – Rawalpindi

Monak Downtown Rawalpindi Sehri Buffet


KFC – Islamabad

foodpanda kfc ramzan deal

KFC Ramzan Deal


Jessie’s Burger – Islamabad

Jessie's iftar platter ramzan Jessie's sehri platter ramzan


Khiva Restaurant – Islamabad

Khiva Restaurant Ramzan Buffet Offer


Marriot Hotel – Islamabad

Marriott Buffet Ramzan


Mj’s Specialties – Islamabad

mjs iftar and sehr ramzan


New Yorker Pizza – Islamabad

Newyorker 10% off


Optp – Islamabad

optp family ramzan deals


OX & Grill – Islamabad

ox and grill ramzan deal


Pablo’s – Islamabad

pablo's iftaar platter


PizzaHut – Islamabad

pizza hut ramzan deal


Roasters – Islamabad

roasters ramzan discount


Shakespeare’s Lounge – Islamabad

shakespeare iftar ramzan deal shakespeare lounge ramzan deal


Siam Oriental – Islamabad

siam ramzan deal


Salt’n Pepper – Islamabad

Salt'n Pepper Islamabad Ramzan Buffet Deal


Chachajee – Islamabad

Chachajee Iftar Thali Deal Ramzan


The Emperor’s Table – Islamabad

Ramdan The Emperors Table Dinnerl Islamabad


Jade Chinatown – Islamabad

Ramdan Buffet Dinner Islamabad


Hardee’s – Islamabad

Hardees Iftar Deal


Nando’s – Islamabad

Nando's Ramzan Deal


Badmash Biryani – Islamabad

Badmash Biryani Ramzan Deal


Johnny Rockets – Islamabad

Jhonny Rockets Burger Ramzan Deal


Subway – Islamabad

subway platter


Bar.B.Q Tonight – Islamabad

Bar.B.Q Tonight islamabad 1 Bar.B.Q Tonight islamabad 2


Mei Kong – Rawalpindi

mei kong rawalpindi


Khyber Dodai – Islamabad

kyber dodai iftar and dinner buffet Islamabad


Lokal Restaurant – Islamabad

Lokal Restaurant Islamabad Iftar Buffet


LA Montana Restaurant – Islamabad

LA Montana Iftar and Sehr Buffet Islamabad


Safa Gold Mall – Islamabad

safa mall islamabad eat and go dealsafa mall islamabad Crunchies deal safa mall islamabad Dixy deal safa mall islamabad emperors table deal safa mall islamabad macdonald deal safa mall islamabad pepts deal safa mall islamabad rawayat safa mall islamabad rendezvous safa mall islamabad tayto deal


Dominos Pizza – Rawalpindi

dominos pizza rawalpindi


McDonald’s- Rawalpindi

MacDonald rawalpindi


Pappasallis- Rawalpindi

If we missed any deals, mention your favorite ones in the comments below and we’ll add them.

  • Now thats called an updating Blog can you post more for Islamabad/Rawalpindi please?

    • In Karachi :
      Double Chicken Biryani With Salad 120 X 5 = 600
      Jambo Cold Drink : 120 :
      Total : 720. Save 279.

      In Karachi Without Any Deal Every Biryani Wala gives you this biryani.

  • The word is McDonald’s. Not ‘MacDonalds’

    One should really look at the food waste that goes on at such places. Think of the under privileged for a while, one deal can probably feed a family of 4.

  • These are just bogus & fake deals. I visited Gloria Jeans yesterday & they said we don’t offer any Iftaar Deal.. Now ProPakistni has become a ProFakeKahani. They Should Change their Name.

    • True Story when i visit there i’ve face same problem propakistani u r lier and posting fake deals.

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