Number of Mobile and Internet Banking Users Grow in Pakistan

Growing levels of digital literacy and availability of technology are generating sustainable positive outcomes as the use of banking services has been on the rise among masses. About 6 million bank customers in Pakistan are now using advanced means to do fund transfers via laptops, desktop computers and mobile phones.

Self-banking services are not only providing convenience for customers but it is also helping banks and organizations in reducing their cost of doing business through a gradual spread of electronic payment systems in Pakistan.

Internet and mobile banking has resulted in massive time savings. Furthermore, it has also reduced the use of cash or paper currency in the country. A significant number of customers now connect their bank accounts online and make transactions electronically in a few minutes.

Internet Banking

In Pakistan, 26 banks are offering Internet Banking Services. There are 2.9 million Internet banking users registered with banks, according to statistics provided by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP).

During January to March, about 8.4 million transactions valued at Rs.332.8 billion were processed through Internet Banking services. These transactions showed a growth of 13.4% and 13.7% in volume and value of transactions respectively.

Mobile Banking

In Pakistan, 19 banks are providing Mobile Phone Banking facilities to their customers, with the number of registered Mobile Phone Banking users reaching 3.1 million by the end of March 2018.


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These users processed 5.9 million transactions valued at Rs.112.8 billion via Mobile Phone Banking apps. These transactions depicted a quarterly growth of 12.2% and 23.0 % in volume and value of transactions respectively.

Outcomes of Internet & Mobile Banking

Due to the rapid increase in Internet and Mobile Phone Banking users in the country, traditional call centers/ IVR banking services have witnessed a downward trend.

During the quarter from January to March, about 68000 transactions valued at Rs.2.1 billion were processed by Call Centers/ IVR Banking services. These transactions showed a quarterly decline of 12.1% and 7.1% in volume and value of transactions respectively.

With the expansion of high-speed broadband internet services, the use of internet and mobile banking is on the rise in Pakistan. However, there is a need to create awareness among customers to use these banking modes through incentives and minimal service charges.

Besides, the online banking system should be strengthened and secured to make sure that customers’ data and money will be protected from any losses.

Online payment solutions should be provided to customers to meet their financial needs, such as the recently launched online tax payment option by FBR and SBP.

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