The German Ambassador to Pakistan is Now Painting His Foxy with Truck Art!

German Ambassador to Pakistan, Martin Kobler is getting pretty famous among Pakistanis thanks to his active presence on Twitter. Having just recently shown how to tackle water crisis, Martin has set out on another exciting mission to paint his Foxy with truck art.

If you aren’t already in love with Martin, watch this video. What’s more, he tweets in Urdu occasionally!

Coming back to the point, Martin recently tweeted about getting his vintage car painted with truck art.

Someone already has another title for the German Ambassador.

While he may have already painted his Volkswagen, the suggestions from Pakistanis are will crack you up. Let’s have a look at some of those recommendations from his followers in Pakistan.

Dekh Magar Pyar Se

Jaanam (heart smiley).

*Missing Raheel Shareef’s photo*

Dil Barae’y Farokht (the story of every Pakistani).

Let’s go to Germany?

Go big or go home.

For all our married brothers (sorry ladies).

Bridal dress? That’s new.

Khushbu Laga k.

This is hilarious.

An even better suggestion?

Legit question.

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Feature Writer

  • I saw his foxy with this art a year ago. I wonder how it is latest news! May be he is repainting it.

    • Maybe propakistani found it out now, so sorry for them slow posters….
      Meanwhile kesa chal raha hy sab kuch fulda main :p

  • Looks like our gora sahib can write better Urdu than our elite including the media.

    Is there anything we can actually be proud of, except for being top beggars globally?

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