Famous Cafe in Lahore Found Drying Plates on Bathroom Floor

We have often heard of the phrase that cleanliness is considered next to godliness. However, a famous cafe in Lahore, Butler’s, was found in absolute disregard of the basic principles of hygiene and cleanliness.

The rather reputed and posh eatery was subject to fierce criticism over social media as pictures of its allegedly unsafe hygienic practices went viral over social media.

It all started when a customer, Haider Bokhari, went to enjoy a meal at the posh eatery recently, and ordered a sandwich. However, what he discovered in the eatery’s washroom afterwards was shocking to say the least.

Trays Where They Don’t Belong

The food at Butler’s is served on wooden trays normally. Haider,  the person who experienced the horror story, was served his sandwich on the same tray.

Before he could start eating his meal, Mr. Bukhari went to wash his hands, only to get a rude shock at the washroom. Disgusted with what he found in the washroom at Butler’s, he soon took over social media and narrated his story.

The social media post read:

My sandwiches were served on a wooden tray. I wanted to wash my hands before having my meal so I went to the washroom. (However) a note saying the washroom was ‘out of order’ was posted on the door. Since I only had to wash my hands, I went in any way.

He then talks about what he saw in the washroom,

Once I entered the washroom, to my shock, was something disgusting. Wooden trays like the one my sandwich was served on were placed right next to the toilet for drying since there was not enough space in the kitchen.  Washroom was perfectly functional. I felt betrayed and disgusted and left the restaurant.


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Haider’s story was shocking to say the least. It was also shared by Ali Moeen Nawazish as well:

via @Haider BokhariButlers Chocolate Cafe Lahore drying Wooden Plates on floor of BathroomOn 13th June 2018 ( 2 x…

Geplaatst door Ali Moeen Nawazish op Maandag 18 juni 2018

Butler’s alleged lack of observing proper hygienic procedures can be seen here in these pictures:

Butler's Drying Plate

Butler's Drying Plates found in washroom

Butler's Drying Plates found in washroom

The viral post soon came to the attention of the ever-active Punjab Food Authority, which decided to take action against the eatery as well.

The Authority’s Response

The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) has been active recently against eateries that violate the health code in the province.

Once word reached them, they decided to seal off the eatery. Ali Moeen Nawazish also confirmed the development in another social media post.

Punjab Food Authority has sealed the cafe in question, Butlers Cafe Lahore, after the pictures posted today. They confirmed the pictures as well. Thank you social media for coming together. :)

Geplaatst door Ali Moeen Nawazish op Maandag 18 juni 2018

The Punjab Food Authority Force posted on their social media page as well saying:

On a public complaint received on social media, an inquiry team of PFA confirmed the unhygienic/disgusting act pictured below. The Cafe on MM Alam road closed down and the owner called in person.


We contacted Butler’s Cafe to get their response to these allegations. However, the restaurant has not issued a statement so far regarding the lack of proper hygiene at their Lahore-based branch.

  • Heavy fine on 1st violation, double on 2nd…closure of restaurant/cafe on 3rd violation.

    Are these concerns addressed ?

    1- Is staff of restaurants/cafes vaccinated ?
    2- Staff is Hepatitis and other diseases free?
    3- Do they have all raw material having expiry ?
    4- Are they using products to which anyone can be allergic to ? Something it may threat a life.
    5- Do they store cooked food? If yes, for how long and in which condition?

    As my friends in Pakistan are running their restaurant business I know how disgusting this business is in Pakistan, worst quality raw material is used with no realization for public health, stored in poor conditions.

  • Hahaha aur ja ke khao Butler’s pe. Actually the snobbish people of our society deserve this. Posting pics on Instagram like, ‘oh look, I had this at Butler’s ‘. Well guess what? It comes from their toilet bahahahaha ? can’t wait for such Instagram or Facebook posts now!

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