Samsung is Planning to Make its Own GPUs

Samsung is working on its own smartphone GPUs for its future flagship phones and is already hiring specialists as seen on its LinkedIn job listings.

Currently, Apple manufactures some of the best smartphone chipsets (the GPU is the second-most-important component of a chipset) and Samsung is looking to catch up by developing its own hardware. Reportedly, the company already reached out to graphics hardware manufacturing giants such as Nvidia and AMD but failed to strike a deal.


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A company from California is already finding the right people from major companies including Qualcomm, Nvidia, and AMD to replace the popular Mali GPU (made by ARM) for Samsung’s Exynos processors.

Midrangers First

Samsung wants to manufacture flagship-grade GPUs for its Galaxy S and Note range, these lineups compete directly with Apple’s iPhone flagships which is why the company is lowering its dependency on third-party manufacturers in order to focus on a significant performance boost.


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According to reports, Samsung will first direct its new chips for its affordable segment so it can test them out and gain experience before taking any significant risk. The company’s Exynos processors have readily proven to be among the best system-on-chips made these days, its Mongoose processor cores outperform ARM’s Cortex-A which is why Samsung is also expected to gain an upper hand in the graphics segment.

For a company as big as Samsung, it is almost vital to stay on top of its game in all hardware segments. Its display panels are widely popular, even Apple outsourced the good old AMOLED’s for their recent iPhone X.

Source: Winfuture (in German)

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