Honda Wins Best Car & Favorite Brand Award Including Others: Survey

Honda has become people’s favorite brand as it grabbed several awards in the survey conducted by PakWheels and LUMS for 2017.

The Japanese automobile giants have ruled the local market for decades now and enjoyed an exceptional market reception.

There is no doubt that Pakistan’s automobile isn’t diverse and mainly dominated by three companies only. This means that the companies have to come up with their best to beat the each other.

Honda sweeping all major awards means that the customers are satisfied with what the company has to offer.

The automobile enthusiasts voted for Honda as the top choice in following categories:

  • Best Car Award
  • Favorite Brand
  • Quality Vehicles

Best Car Award

Honda Civic was people’s favorite option under the “Best Cars” category. Honda’s top-of-the-line model won the awards based on following factors:

  • Best car based on performance — Honda Civic
  • Best car based on safety  Honda Civic
  • Best car based on comfort  Honda Civic
  • Best car based on features and accessories — Honda Civic
  • Best car based on Interior design  Honda Civic
  • Best car based on exterior design — Honda Civic
  • Best car based on environmental friendliness  Honda Civic
  • The imported car with best interior design — Honda Vezel

The Honda Civic also holds a market share of 11% locally, which is third largest in Pakistan behind Honda City. Honda City also won the best car award under the “value for money” category.

Favorite Brand

Honda was also voted as the favorite brand that the customers want to buy. The top three brands include:

  1. Honda
  2. Toyota
  3. Audi

Quality Vehicles

Participants of the survey were asked to rate the brands in terms of the quality that the vehicle provides. Honda, again, was customers’ favorite brand in terms of quality as well beating all major brands by a good margin.

Honda’s bikes swept all major awards as well including people’s favorite brand, best value for money, and quality. The bikes by Honda won following awards:

  • Favorite brand —Honda
  • Best quality — Honda
  • Value for money — Honda CD70
  • Fuel efficiency — Honda Pridor
  • Best bike based on the cost of ownership — Honda CD70
  • Best bike based on resale value — Honda CD70

The company holds 56% of the total two-wheeler market clearly at the top.

  • Service points not as per International Standards. Skipping many routine checks. You have to followup or ask them to do bla, bla, bla. In Saudi Arabia I simply drove to Service Center, they did every thing. During 22 I had not opened my bonnet. Here i have BRV, after 15000 Km service I just opened my bonnet by chance and saw the battery cells already dried. When i asked, they simply said, not their responsibility. So strange.

  • Engine of Civic/City are too gud but if we talk about Body Quality, thin steel body too unsafe in case of any accident.,therefore, there’s no thing as human safety in such cars except those who have Safety baloons in case of accident to save driver and family.

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