WordCamp Karachi Set to Bring Together the WordPress Community of Pakistan

WordCamp, one the biggest events organized by the WordPress community, is coming to Karachi.

The event has been organized to increase awareness and know-how about how to use WordPress, one of the world’s most popular blogging and online publishing platforms, to its fullest.

What is WordCamp?

WordCamps are WordPress-powered community events which are attended by bloggers, startups, media personalities, agencies and people who want to develop new skills.

You get access to a collaborative environment where local and international speakers will be able to interact with the audience and share knowledge. If you’re interested in taking part in the event, apply here.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible as a speaker the individual must belong to the WordPress Community or have know-how about the software itself. Speakers who have specialized knowledge about making the WordPress experience better are welcome.

You are encouraged to apply if you have expertise in:

  • Blogging or Publishing
  • SEO
  • Inbound Marketing
  • WordPress Plugins
  • WordPress Themes

If you are an individual with the above-mentioned skills, or the themes or plugins that you sell are GPL-compliant, then you’re welcome to apply as a speaker.

Venue, Date & Location

The event will be held on 4th of August 2018 at the IBA Main Campus Karachi. All speakers will be given a chance to speak about topics related to WordPress with the sole aim to share growth, learning, and skills.

Usman Khalid, the lead organizer behind bringing WordCamp to Pakistan says:

If you understand the influence of WordPress and can share your expertise and experience with the audience, you should apply as a speaker at the event.

The “Call for Speakers” deadline is 14th of July, 2018. Click here to apply for Wordcamp Karachi right away.

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