7 Pakistanis Arrested for Stealing Rs. 46 Crore from Armored Truck in Dubai

On Monday, law enforcement authorities in Dubai arrested seven Pakistani nationals for stealing cash worth AED 14 million (~Rs. 47 crore) from an armored truck.

The armored truck belonged to a money transfer company. Three Pakistanis, who worked as drivers for the company in question, were caught by the authorities in connection with the crime. Four more individuals were later apprehended for providing logistical support during the robbery.

Authorities say that the apprehended individuals will be deported back to their countries, after serving their three-year long sentence in Dubai.

Here’s How They Were Caught

Two Nepalese guards reached the company’s security manager right after they lost contact with the Pakistani driver, who was on his way to fill an ATM machine at Al Ghurair Centre. Right after, the workers rushed to the location, where the ATM machine was, but only found the truck parked in an alley with its engine turned on.


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They called the police right after, as the 37-year old driver was missing with all the cash on-board. A police lieutenant told,

Crime scene investigators and fingerprint experts examined the armored truck. The truck’s CCTV footage clearly showed how the 37-year-old driver had disconnected the cameras and by doing so he became the primary suspect. On-site investigations revealed the involvement of two more persons … also four others were involved in aiding and abetting the trio.

The Getaway

The driver moved from his seat to the rear of the truck to disconnect the surveillance cameras. However, CCTV footage from a nearby building revealed that the driver along side two other Pakistani men, aged 30 and 39, fled the scene on a car with all the loot.

Dubai’s authorities looked for them in the surrounding areas, and found the getaway car parked idle in a poorly lit area. The robbers abandoned their vehicle and jumped in a taxi to flee from the location, as seen in surveillance footage in the vicinity.

Subsequently, three of them were finally caught in Sharjah after a series of police interrogations and tip-offs, with the 37-year-old driver being the prime suspect.

Four others, aged between 33 and 48, were arrested later for providing logistical support to the primary robbers, as they were going to help the suspects transfer money to Pakistan. The 37-year-old driver, along with the 30-year-old robber, pleaded guilty and admitted that the four countrymen were going to help deliver the money back to Pakistan through different banks and commercial ventures in Dubai.

However, the 39-year-old suspect who was seen with the main suspect and was part of the primary trio, entered a not-guilty plea. The quartet that was meant to give logistical support also refuted their accusations.

Via GulfNews

  • huh! after spending so many years in Dubai, they didn’t understand, it was not Pakistan, where you can run away easily, and nobody give a damn!

  • People doing such thing should have thought about the efficiency of Dubai Police. They are famous for tackling such crime and cases professionally and very efficiently.

    By the way, corruption is in the blood of Pakistanis. We should improve ourselves as nation before criticizing leaders and cursing for the economic or political situation in Pakistan.

      • Bhai ghusa mt krein per woh sahee hi to keh raha hai. When Countless are corrupt then who will count few Emandaar.

        • Brother you can’t make such a generic statement on the doing of seven men. STOP Defaming our nation and our country. If you can’t respect your own nation what should you except from others !!

          • Bhai tu rhenday. I have been in dubai for barely 3 years, and guess who’s the most haramkhor and deceiving people here in Dubai. PAKISTANI. YES. I SAID IT.

            100% of the time, people who backstabbed me here, were not Indians, Emiraties, Egyptians, or any other … IT WAS MY OWN PEOPLE. I don’t trust my own people now, thanks to them.

  • Waisay ye zaroor punjab kay hon gay. crimes mai esi province kay log zada involve hotay hain.

    Ab deport ho kay yahan aa kay hum ko loota karein gaay.

    • Hamza karachi is also dubai for punjab. Karachi ka hashr daikh lain jo inhon nay kar dea hai. Pind bana dea hai city ka.

    • Karan,chi
      walon ko kahtay hain paan khanay walay..

      kudh jonsa jonsa karday amb khanday nay, aur kainday nay water coolraan deean tooteain sai karwa lao !

        • Ali Salman, bas har jaga racist racist comments mai kartay raha karo.

          Tumharay uncle shabaz sharif nay karachi aa kay apnay mou sai goolab jaman jhaaray thay, karachi walon ko karan,chi wala kah kay..tab ja kay boltay ounko racist. Huh !

          • Come on guys, don’t fight over these politicians. I am from Lahore and i have visited almost all big cities of Pakistan, but i still miss Karachi.
            You know what is the best thing about Karachi? Everything!

    • عماد صدیقی جو بلدیہ فیکٹری کا اصل ملز م ہے جس سینکڑوں مزدوروں کو بھتہ کے لئے جلا دیا وہ بھی پنجابی ہے اور الطاف بھی پنجابی ہے قاتل گورنر عشرت العباد بھی پنجابی ہے اور آپ کا بہنوئی بھی پنجابی ہو گا یعنی ساری برائیاں پنجابی ہے ۔گھٹکہ تھوکنے والے تو پاک صاف ہے

    • Ahmad is right in saying that corruption is in the blood of Pakistanis so there are no “Few Rotten Eggs”, rather the whole basket is like that. Secondly, read the article carefully where it says that they will be imprisoned in Dubai for 3 years, so why would they be jailed at arrival in Pakistan ??? More importantly, they can’t be jailed in Pakistan (as per law) as they haven’t commit any crime in the jurisdiction of Pakistan

      • Please do not label all Pakistanis for this, you can talk about yourself and not on behalf of 200 millions. There are more than a million Pakistanis in UAE and 99% are having good record. You can say Pakistanis have to improve a lot but such rotten eggs are in every nation.

        New Pakistani law allows government to trial and jail Pakistanis no matter crime is committed in Pakistan or abroad.

        • I’m not labelling anything, unfortunately its a brutal fact. Just look at your leaders, aren’t they corrupt ??? Leaders aren’t imported, they are a product of our society. If the other Pakistanis (living abroad) are clean, its only because of that country’s rule of law.

          As far as the new law is concerned (if its there at all), we aren’t able to motivate our people to follow the law of land within Pakistan. First you need to process the hundreds of thousands of criminal/civil cases that are pending in our civil courts since inception of Pakistan, only then you’ll be able to take care of criminal cases committed outside Pakistan.

          Think pragmatically before posting comments.

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