DRAP Issues Recall Alert for Critical Heart Medicine Due to Impurity

A common medicine that’s used to control high blood pressure to prevent heart failures is recalled in Pakistan by the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan.

Decision was made after an impurity was found in raw materials of “Valsartan” that is manufactured by M/S Zhejiang Huahai Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd, China.

Valsartan medicines are used to treat patients with high blood pressure in order to reduce heart complications.

According to the Journal of Pakistan Medical Association & National Health Survey (2011), 33% of the Pakistani population above the age of 45 has hypertension, with 19% prevalence in people of age 15 or above. The statistics have only risen since then, which means the consumption of Valsartan medicines is pretty high in the country.

The impurities found in these raw materials — from which Valsartan is manufactured — were substances that could cause cancer. DRAP Recall alert stated that a total of nine Pharmaceuticals Companies in Pakistan are on the DRAP recall list, and this list does not include Getz Pharma and its’ products, Cova, Covam, & Cova-H.

A statement issued by Getz Pharma’s said that its Valsartan brands are manufactured using raw material/Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) sourced from suppliers who are qualified as per WHO guidelines.

Company said that its manufacturing facility is pre-qualified and approved by WHO Geneva, as well as from a member country of the Pharmaceutical Inspection Co-operation Scheme (PIC/S). As of today, it operates in 22 countries across the globe.

Individuals who have been consuming Valsartan brands are requested to visit their health care consultants to take necessary measures and protect themselves!

More details — on pharma companies that were issued a recall alert — can be obtained from this link.