Chapter 2 Brings a Minimalist Touch for Khaadi Fans in Islamabad

Khaadi has been gaining popularity ever since its inception almost two decades ago. Thanks to its unique designs, it has been able to gain a strong and loyal customer base.

Recently, the retail player launched its new label, Chapter 2 in Islamabad and Lahore while simultaneously launching an online store, over the same time frame. The Islamabad launch event was well received and attracted a large chunk of the city’s audience comprising of celebrities, bloggers, and mainstream media.

Khadi Chapter 2

Chapter 2 previously commenced operations in Karachi in August 2017 and opened its first store in Dolmen Mall Clifton, highlighting its unique store concept and a minimalistic collection directed towards a niche market comprising of customers who have a deep understanding of the hand-woven craft and value art.

The label focuses on hand woven fabric, a craft that is blended with the idea of urban fashion while at the same time incorporating a minimalistic approach towards design. This is also a design concept that Khaadi started its journey with and embarked upon a success story from there onwards. The color progression, composition, and unique contrasts of the modern day products are evidence enough to say that the product is from Chapter 2 even without looking at the description the product entails.

Khadi Chapter 2

The label is a distinctive fashion statement, especially for women on the go who prefer a simple yet stylish attire and like to stand out from the crowd and break free from the commonly seen busy prints. The Chapter 2 label also gives working women an option of establishing a professional appearance of their own through a selection of monochromatic outfits. Their product line includes not just ladies apparel but also bags, shoes, and other accessories.

Islamabad’s store is spaciously designed over a space of 4,500 square feet and employs a very amiable staff comprising of 10 people. With everything arranged in a monochromatic black and white, and designing done astutely in geometric shapes by Sohail Abdullah, the ambiance and appeal are bound to make the customer stay and give a sci-fi feel of the next era.

Khadi Chapter 2


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