Xiaomi Unveils a Cheap AC With Smart Features

Xiaomi, under its brand “Mijia”, has launched a smart air conditioner that costs nearly $300. Mijia is known to house all of Xiaomi’s “smart home” products, and their newest addition is a smart AC that also doubles as a 900W electric heater.

The company is currently selling it for RMB 2,199 (Rs. 41,950) in China along with 6 years of warranty.

The AC is powered by a 1.5HP DC inverter compressor that can easily cool a room measuring between 16 to 21 square meters. It also has level-three energy efficiency and supports temperature controls with 0.1 °C differences.

The word “smart” implies that the AC can sync with the Mi Home app on your smartphones and users would have the ability to select its temperature, different modes, set timers or turn it on and off directly from their phones. The app also gives you all of the info about how much electricity was consumed and time logs for when it was on etc.

Mi Cheap AC

What is a Smart Air Conditioner?

The concept of a smart AC has recently proved to be superior over the conventional AC, as users have the ability to control their indoor units remotely. For example, you can turn it on before coming home from your office or if you forgot to turn it off while leaving your house you can simply switch it off using the app.

Smart MI AC

Not Just a Phone Maker

Xiaomi is famous for its broad range of products, ranging from smart home appliances, fitness bands, gaming products and more. Some of them include the Mi Purifier, Mi Powerbank, Gaming Chair, Mi Electric Toothbrush, Mousepad, Mijia Smartwatch, and even a Rice Cooker.

  • the brand of AC “MIDEA” is partially own by Xiaomi, and is already available in Pakistan.

  • time will tell its performance / energy consumption / durability etc
    as of yet there is no real time figures, only propaganda

  • One should not criticise national regulations over web, if Xiaomi crew is reluctant to score in Pakistan they will bring in manufacturing and massive production scale as they did in India .

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