HEC Eases Rules for Degree Attestation

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has amended the policy for degree attestation, as an applicant for attestation will no longer be required to submit information about previous or subsequent academic qualifications.

According to a notification issued by the HEC, the degree will be attested solely on its merits.

The notification states,

It is notified that the competent Authority has decided that every degree will be attested solely on its merits i.e. whether it has been issued by a recognized institution and whether the institution has the legal authority to issue such degree.

Applicants for attestation will no longer be required to submit information about previous or subsequent academic qualification.

All degrees from HEC recognized institutions, in subjects they’re authorized to offer a degree in from campuses/colleges authorized to offer the relevant programs can be verified/attested/equated.

However, degrees from unrecognized institutions or from unrecognized and unauthorized campuses or colleges and/or in unauthorized subjects will not be verified/attested/equated.


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Furthermore, all other codal formalities are to be adhered to as per prevailing SoPs for processing cases of attestation or equivalence. This issues with the approval of Competent Authority.

The notification is attached here:

Hec Degree Attestation Rules

  • Its not a good decision at all… they may have a fake Inter degree and genuine bachelor’s degree. There are many such cases in the past cause universities don’t have any access to any board of secondary/ higher secondary education…..
    I know the process is lengthy for a student but it’s necessary to get all the educational record before a verification is done….

  • I want to highlight another issue that is verification fees of universities and BISE… i think it is injustice to ask a fees in the name of verification for their own issued degrees and transcripts…. After BISE, IBCC also ask for a fee for a copy of an already verified degree….

  • Anyhow I had bad experience with HEC in last week. My degree BSCS (BS computer science hons) on degree, while on transcript its only mentioned BS Computer science. and my application rejected as degree title not matching (hons) missing on transcript. (although hons is not part of degree title as it is mentioned small and enclosed). It means that university and HEC are not on the same page. and like me Whole university student will suffer this problem. Eventually I had to visit university and made correction.

    Only my concern is why university and HEC are not aligned. and why HEC is not forcing universities not to make such blunders. Candidate like me who need attestation urgently had to be suffered.

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