Young Engineers Announce Boycott of PEC Elections

Young engineers have declared the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) as a non-productive body, and announced their intention of boycotting its upcoming elections. The engineers say that PEC needs to do more for the betterment of Engineering Professionals in Pakistan. They have presented a list of demands that PEC needs to take action on.

The convener of Young Engineers Action Committee, Hamza spoke to ProPakistani, mentioning that the government allocates thousands of rupees every year for enhancing the quality of engineering education. However, the nation is still not able to fully utilize their potential. He blamed the PEC for not working for the betterment of its community.

“Young Engineers have decided to boycott the PEC elections that are scheduled on 12th August. PEC is supposed to work as a think tank, so that it can formulate policies for Engineers. Unfortunately, it has failed to perform its duties.” Hamza told.

He also mentioned that due to an unavailable service structure, and the lack of research funding, engineers from Pakistan have become disappointed and are leaving the country. Despite these issues, Young Engineers have created a forum and decided to struggle for their rights.

The forum has presented these demands to PEC recently:

  1. There is a need to create a bridge between industry and undergraduate engineers.
  2. Engineers must be paid Rs. 35,000 minimum as the monthly salary.
  3. Paid engineering programs must be promoted.
  4. There’s a need to establish and expand research funding programs.
  5. Engineers should be provided interest free loans for developing their products.
  6. Engineers should be provided special training to obtain jobs with Chinese companies under the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).
  7. The Engineering department head must be an engineer of a related field. Non-engineer head must be removed urgently.
  8. PEC election results should be considered legal if voter turnout is more than 20 percent.

Hamza said that engineering research plays a vital role in the development of a country’s export sector, however Pakistan earns a mere $300 million from this sector only. This figure can be enhanced to $1 billion in a few years if PEC plays its due role.

  • As much MSG’s received for voting if half they work engineering sector is much better. Non engineering management is running the industry. No service structure. Ridiculous PEC.

  • Facility of online voting be provided to PEC registered members living abroad.

  • Fair demands. PEC has long been an absolutely useless organization. Even registering with them takes ages in this digital era.

  • When Educated and skilled people start migrating from their country, it is called “Brain Drain”.
    Engineers are leaving Pakistan, not because they don’t love Pakistan. It’s because they don’t have rights. Their education and struggles of four years are not being utilise.
    Pakistan Engineering Council is playing Elections Game on 3.5 K votes only! What about other 100k engineers??
    They have no hope with PEC and their contesting panels..

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