President of Pakistan Presents Wi-Tribe with Technology Innovation Award

Wi-tribe has won the prestigious Pakistan New Technology Innovation Award for its pioneering work in introducing Pakistan’s first and only 4.5G LTE Advanced (LTE-A) Network.

The high-powered Awards Ceremony was organized by the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) and was this year held at the Governor House in Karachi. After making his speech, the Honorable President of Pakistan, Mr. Mamnoon Hussain presented the Wi-tribe President & Chairman, Mr. Shahid Malik with the Pakistan New Technology Innovation Award.

The award was presented at the 6th FPCCI Achievement Awards held at the Governor House in Karachi, by the honorable President of Pakistan, Mr. Mamnoon Hussain, to the Wi-tribe President & Chairman, Mr. Shahid Malik. at the 6th FPCCI achievement awards held in Karachi, Governor House.


The chief guest at the occasion was the honorable President of Pakistan – Mr. Mamnoon Hussain, who personally presented this award to the President & Chairman Supervisory Board of Wi-tribe Pakistan – Mr. Shahid Malik.

Mr. Malik, who also has the distinction of being the first Muslim to become a Government Minister in the UK, said:

“The award is recognition of the dedication of our staff in deploying this trailblazing new 4.5G technology across our network in Pakistan in record time. As a company Wi-tribe is incredibly proud of its achievement and in addition Pakistan can rightly be proud that through our efforts it today is a Telecom pioneer, being the first country in South Asia and the Middle East where LTE-Advanced 4.5G technology has been launched”.

Wi-tribe was acquired in early 2016 by the HB group from Qatar Telecom and is focused on providing high quality internet broadband services to its customers. On news of the recognition, the Chairman of the HB Group, Hasan Bokhari stated:

“I am so pleased that we have been able to do something special for the country I love – many people look to take their money and invest out of Pakistan but we are proud to be investing in Pakistan and bringing new technologies to this beautiful country”.

Wi-tribe partnered with Chinese giant Huawei to bring 4.5G to Pakistan and though it is licensed to deliver its services across the 14 regions of Pakistan, its main focus is on Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad targeting both the consumer as well as corporate markets with its diverse connectivity solutions.

The FPCCI’s Achievement Awards initiative provides a great opportunity to identify the industry’s leading service providers, analyze new trends of the market and to devise new strategies to embrace emerging challenges.

You can visit Wi-Tribe’s website here.

  • Aamir Mursleen

    I am personally using W-tribe 4.5G, the speed is better than Zong 4G now in Lahore Cantt. They deserve the award!

    • Usman Ghani

      Really Sir

    • Saqi

      For me, zong is the best… Now they have upgraded Rs 2500 wala package…. 75gb for a month plus 1am to 9am, get an extra 100gb….
      I guess telenor and mobilink have challenged their legacy….

    • Saqi

      How much do you pay for your bundle?

      • Harris Malik

        They have Truly Unlimited Volume Package then how zong is best?

        • Saqi

          No.. their speed down after 100gb on 2mb 3mb and 4mb bundle… check fair usage policy

          • Haroon Badar

            Brother im an old wi-tribe user, In truly unlimited volume package i personally consumed above 300 GB just to check whether it’s a lie or not but it actually worked. Only in unlimited package there is cap but there is no limit in truly unlimited packages ..

            • Saqi
            • Saqi

              May be… how much do ypu ypu pay for truely unlimited package?
              The thing that sucks is…. taxes… they should give a fixed price package….
              i had a very bad experience with witribe. Will never use their service again…

              • Haroon Badar

                Bro i previously had bad experience too but then i messaged on their page and the next day my device got swapped with their LTE colored…now its working fine. Alhamdulillah

                I paid Rs.2500 for activation and monthly invoice is around 1800 something i think, including taxes..

                • Saqi


    • Muhammad Areeb

      i tried witribe in rawalpindi. it sucks! after so much disconnectivity i switched back to qubee

  • Armaghan

    torrent downloads not available… useless without torrent

    • Mobin Ansari

      Armaghan bhai, iss daur mein torrents ;) :) kya yaad dila dia, hum to bhool hee gaye thay napster kee tarah torrents bhee

      • Armaghan

        bhai still Blurays and PS3 files torrent pr hi milti hain sirf… do you have any other mean to download 25 to 40GBs of game other then torrent???
        i must say if any internet provider dont have access of torrent its useless… for me i must say

  • Qurratulain

    they turn it around i guess … hats off … they turned an angry wimax cusotmer into a brand ambassador LTE customer … just love unlimited package … just wow ……..

  • Shoukhat Chaudry

    Best Speed so far.

  • Hashim Zaman
  • Mashood Abid

    Wah g. Good news for gamers!:)

  • Syed Ali Hamza

    Mashallah ! Naya Pakistan, Nayi Technology!

  • Sameen Zubair

    See @mashoodabid:disqus!
    I knew they would come up with something big! :D :D

  • Haroon Badar

    Great achievement but is Mamnoon Husaain still alive???