Secure Your Children’s Future with MCB Arif Habib’s #iSaveForEducation Initiative

Want to send your children to the best universities abroad? Its very much possible, and MCB’s Arif Habib’s initiative shows you how you can secure your children’s future in a simple and convenient way.

Start saving with just Rs. 5000 per month with MCB Arif Habib.

Its no secret that life’s amenities continue to cost more and more with every passing day. For most parents, who wish the best for their children, this presents a dilemma. On one hand they have a household to run and on the other hand they need to do right by their children. Is it possible to do both?

This question is at the heart of MCB Arif Habib’s latest digital video commercial (DVC):

In the DVC, we observe two sets of parents who meet over dinner and discuss the future prospects of their children. One family has made plans to send their children to Ivy League schools in the US, while the other ponders how that is even possible, considering the overall financial situation they have.

To find out the answer to this question and how you too can secure a great future for your children, watch the DVC.

#iSaveForEducation – Easy, Simple and Convenient

MCB Arif Habib’s newest campaign #iSaveForEducation is hoping to attract parents and children alike, by showing them that their dreams are within reach. When it comes to giving your children the best possible education, merely saving isn’t enough. It’s important to make your money work just as hard as you do, by investing in iSave.

Your Future is Well Within Your Reach

By investing in iSave parents can send their children abroad by simply earning profits on their savings. Parents only need to contribute Rs 5000 per month to their own Mutual Funds account,  sit back and relax while their money grows over time.

Mutual Funds can help investors save and increase their incomes manifold. They are looked after by professionals who can help you get the most returns on your investment. iSave has made this process pretty easy for everyone.

Opening your account with iSave is easy. You only need:

  • a valid CNIC
  • a bank account

Here’s what people are saying about the campaign:

Learn more about iSaveForEducation here.

    • Buying Property is a more expensive option which not many people can afford. With Mutual Funds you can invest a minimum of Rs. 500 which makes it more inclusive and convenient.

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