Microsoft Launches a File Sharing App for Android

Sharing content between your Android phone and PC could become much less of a hassle in the future. After a sizable testing period, Microsoft has finally released its Your Phone app for Android, which allows you to send the contents of your phone to your computer.

Limited Functionality

The support is very limited as of now. Users can drag and drop photos to and from their Windows PC, and that’s about it. It gets rid of the need to email yourself a photo though if you needed it on a desktop.

Users can also see the files on their mobile devices, apparently, though sharing anything other than pics is not supported as of now.

Your Phone is yet to get some additional features via an update in the future, including notifications and text message syncing, which could point towards prolonged support.


The app is not available for Apple phones yet, with Microsoft previously promising a version for the platform with limited functionality. The app is supported on Android phones running on version 7.0 or later. That it only supports Windows 10 (with the April 2018 Update) goes without saying.

Your Phone, which measures roughly 11 MB, can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store. Its limited functionality in its present incarnation could be the reason behind the unflattering reviews.

Originally meant to come alongside the Redstone 5 update to all Windows PCs, the app, in its barebones state, has been rolled out earlier than expected. Hopefully, the update will bring the rest of the features along with it.

How to Download/Setup

You can download it from the Microsoft Store here. You’ll need to link your phone with the desktop app to get a download link on your phone. The link redirects you to “Microsoft Apps” on Google Play Store, which you have to sign into to successfully link your PC with your phone.

  • Mate you are late, the app no longer works with aprail 2018 update, now available only for insiders

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