The Story of ABTACH Ltd And Its Growth in Pakistan

The massive success of ABTACH was not merely a bolt from the blue, but a constant investment of struggle and untiring efforts of its originators.

Over the years, the company sprawled, crawled and strived until it finally got off the ground and became one of the leading IT Companies of Pakistan.

Just when the country was welcoming new software firms and IT brands, in 2014, Mr. Azneem Bilwani, placed the very first brick of the organization.

Taking information technology to sky-heights, the company with its experienced panel of professionals left no stone unturned and devoted its time and energy in fulfilling the unique needs of its valued customers by providing one-of-a-kind IT products and services.

The Business Mantra

The unsurmountable IT venture of the company is deeply rooted in its strong business mission.

Azneem Bilwani (CEO OF ABTACH), said:

Our mission revolves around our prime focus; to bring a striking digital difference in the tech world. With innovation, industriousness and integrity as our main principles, we are on a mission to stand out as the ultimate record breakers in the world of technology.

The uncanny approach- to stand out from the clutters, has infused ABTACH with the devotion to rise from the ranks.

ABTACH’s diligent professionals worked overnight like the small flame that can light up the abyss!

The success ABTACH is enjoying at the moment is a product of constant struggle and smart work. The company took its baby steps by opening its first office in Pakistan, with the help of some handful of experts. However, with the intellectual approaches of its founding members, the firm expanded gathering more than 300 employees, equipped with proficient skills, all graduated from some of the leading universities of Pakistan.

The stellar performances of its workforce together with the competitive foresight of Mr. Salman Yousuf (COO of ABTACH) introduced a new tech giant, namely; eWorldTrade, which has created a massive footprint in the e-commerce industry.

ABTACH is not merely a company; it’s a hub of IT having its wings spread in major parts of the globe, including UAE, US, UK, and South Korea. With the aim to shape the face of information technology in Pakistan, its professionals contribute most innovative approaches and build progressive foundations for brands, assisting them in generating double folds on investments.

The exceptional devotion of its team is due to the way the company treats its employees. Considering them equally important and crediting them in a remarkable manner, the company makes its workforce content and satisfied. The efficient work management strategies and an open environment for the team encourage them to deliver round-the-clock services.

The Company’s Philosophy is illustrated as follows

We believe in respecting our people’s rights and privacy and that leads us into ensuring a win-win situation for our company and its people.

A Glimpse of Excellence

ABTACH offers the finest quality and highly-advanced digital marketing services. Its expertise lies in the vast areas of digital marketing and developmental projects including graphic designing, app development, video animation and result-driven marketing strategies. Seamless navigation, exceptional quality interface and rich approaches are some of the traits of ABTACH’s services.

eWorldTrade is a comprehensive digital trading platform that connects potential buyers with authentic sellers from across the globe. From apparel to food & beverages, the online marketplace brings everything under a single roof. It encourages traders with its highly integrated and business boosting mechanisms. Moreover, to facilitate customers, country-exclusive portals are created in more than 18 countries including US, UK Hong Kong, and Vietnam. To set new milestones, eWorldTrade will soon be spreading its business voyage to many leading countries around the globe along with introducing new brands under the same umbrella, in the UK and US.

Under the unbeatable leadership of Mr. Salman Yousuf, the company has delved deeper into the world of IT expanding its venture into diverse fields and industries. Through eWorldTrade, it caters apparel, food and beverages, lights and lightening, minerals and metallurgy; whereas, other major industries including graphics, animation, and web & app development are all served in by ABTACH.

Adding another gem in the promising journey of eWorldTrade, he led the brand to the “First Global Cross-border E-commerce Conference” that took place in Beijing, in 2017.  The World Customs Organization and General Administration of Customs (GAC) of China had co-organized the conference in which nearly 2,000 representatives took part from around the globe.

The company participated in the conference to ponder over the techniques that can grow their opportunities to excel in the international market. It opened new avenues and enabled them to leverage new technologies to prosper.

This outstanding success of ABTACH is a product of collaborated efforts of its founding members who have not only contributed their earnest dedication but have also trained a huge team of skilled professionals. Mr. Salman Yousuf has truly cultivated the seeds of brilliance using his unbeatable astuteness. He creates results-driven strategies based on the practical scenarios of the market. He shows much broader avenues to the company and its employees towards progress and excellence.

With such a phenomenal rate of success, ABTACH Ltd. contributes in the IT exports of Pakistan. This has shown a prominent uprise in the report presented by State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) of 2017- around 11% increment is noticed. If it continues to operate in the similar fashion, stirring the waves of innovation in the IT industry, the day is not far when everybody would blow the trumpet of its success.

  • Pakistan’s IT industry crossed a Billion dollar. Thanks to “Experienced panel of/Axact professionals” who worked their skins to impress C-level folks at ABTACH . We need more examples like ABTACH. I strongly believe that we can take our IT exports to 50 billion dollars in the next 5-7 years. By the way, The writer needs a pat on the back for this “Branded” content.

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