Martin Kobler is All Ready to Show Off ‘Naya Pakistan’ in Germany

German Ambassador to Pakistan, Martin Kobler, has become something of a heartthrob for millions of Pakistanis, given his extensive outreach efforts over social media that highlight a more ‘fun’ Pakistan.

Whether it’s ways to save water during the water crisis or painting his foxy with truck art for the love of Pakistan, Martin has been keeping himself up-to-date with the latest trends and happenings in the country and doing his best to contribute.

The most recent development is his visit to the German capital Berlin for the annual meet-up of the German Ambassadors. The Ambassador will be presenting the Naya Pakistan and how his team can contribute to the success of the newly formed government.

Martin also shared the photos of the ad campaign on buses on the roads of Berlin to promote Pakistan, calling it a great initiative by the Embassy of Pakistan in Berlin.

The campaign aims at promoting a soft image of Pakistan through images of famous monuments thereby persuading tourists to visit the country. The images of the Kailash women, Pakistan monument, K-2, Shangrilla Resorts etc., emphasize on the cultural diversity and the natural beauty the country possesses.

Martin has been very actively promoting the country ever since taking charge as the office of German Ambassador to Pakistan and the whole country lauds his efforts through the social media.

Feature Writer

        • Har bat me keeray nikalne ki aadat achi nahi hoti. Germans ki koi duty nahi front pe aane ki. He’s an ambassador and presenting a good image of Pakistan. How many other ambassadors are doing this? So if you can’t appreciate something, don’t show your ignorance by criticizing for nothing.

    • Kya ambassadors ko social media ka use karne pe bapandi hai? Aor wo bhi Pakistan ka positive image showcase karne ke liye. Is me aap ko koi burai nazar aa rahi hai?

      Shaid aap ko controversial batein kar ke famous hone ka shock hai. Just do a self analysis and see what good you are doing for Pakistan.

  • This man never came slow.
    Give him Best Ambassador of the Century Award.
    He literately deserves it..

    • Agreed — we should support him and he does not need to do all that he is doing — he has my full gratitude and love!
      Martin, salaam hai apko! We love you as much as you love Pakistan!

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