Kalashnikov Unveils Two Electric Bikes and a Tesla Competitor Car

Russian military equipment and weapons manufacturer, Kalashnikov has set its foot in the auto industry, unveiling its first three electric vehicles, including two bikes and a car.

Kalashnikov is better known for its AK47, isn’t it? Well, the company now aims to compete with none other than Elon Musk’s Tesla. Surprised? We are too!

The electric bikes SM-1 and UM-1 seem like they are made for rough terrain with maximum speeds of 90 km/h and 100 km/h with a maximum battery range of 150 km on a single charge.

Let’s have a look at these two beauties:

SM-1 via Trending

UM-1 via NDTV Auto

The UM-1 is intended for civilian use while the SM-1 seems to be a super-moto version with dual sports tyres.

The bikes are powered by a brushless DC motor (lithium-ion battery). The bikes, manufactured by IZH, a subsidiary of Kalashnikov, were showcased in the International Military Technical Forum 2018.

Here is the first look of the retro-styled electric car called CV-1 which boasts an acceleration of 0-100 km/h in 6 seconds and has a range of 350 km in one charge.

Via Dezeen

The electric car is still a prototype which was presented before the audience at the same event. The car is being lauded as a direct competitor to Tesla’s Model 3 – the cheapest car manufactured by Tesla – and Model 5.

It is interesting how a weapons manufacturer has entered an altogether new market and it remains to be seen how it performs once its electric cars hit the roads. Tesla is a proven name and a direct competitor would pressure it to further enhance its technology.

Featured Image Source: Dezeen 

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  • Kalashnikov a popular term now in Pakistan two bikes range 150 km. Car 350KM single charge. Should there be a bilateral trade treaty between the two countries Pakistan/Russia the import duty could be reduced as with China. Russian products are rugged, reliable, reputable. The upcoming event of IDEAS in Karachi could be a good opportunity for Kalashnikov secure business for other markets. Important thing to mention is the battery full charge time, and battery life/months before replacement, and the cost of the replacement battery. This may possibly find market in the Middle East market.

  • The first look at the car definitely shows a Russian designed model. Its an electric car, should have been more aerodynamically shaped for better wind resistance and good performance.

  • That is an ICONIC name !

    please come to Pakistan, you will sell like hotcakes based on your name alone !

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