EasyPaisa Announces One of the Best Cash Back Offers in Town!

Let’s face it! There’s something incredibly captivating about cashback offers which makes everyone feel excited!

Similarly, if you are looking to get some great value deals then look no further because Easypaisa is here with an irresistible campaign!

So, mark your calendars and get your accounts loaded with cash!

Easypaisa AppBash

On 9th September, various cashbacks will be provided to customers through The Easypaisa AppBash.

So, what exactly is Easypaisa AppBash? Well, it is a once in a month opportunity for customers (New & Existing) to receive incredible cashback amounts , when they perform one of the following transactions from their Easypaisa app.

Welcoming New Users

It is important to make the customers feel valued and Easypaisa is doing exactly that!

All the customers who download the Easypaisa App for the first time and register their Easypaisa Mobile Account (by creating their account pin) will get Rs. 200 instant cash in their mobile accounts to spend as a welcoming gift.

This offer is also extended to All Telenor subscribers who will register and create their Mobile Account pin by dialing *786#

Instant Cashback!

Easypaisa is offering instant 50% cashback offer for all customers who purchase their tickets (bus or cinema) through the app.

A single user will get up to Rs. 500. This offer for 9th September alone and for customers purchasing tickets for the 9th September.

Free Money Transfer

Money transfer to CNIC is one of the most used features of the Easypaisa App. As part of the 9/9 Easypaisa AppBash all money transfers to CNIC from Easypaisa App will be completely free for the day.

Cashback on Mobile Load

Not just that, other mobile network users who will perform a mobile load on their own number from the Easypaisa App, will be given 100% instant money back.

The maximum limit for this offer is Rs. 200. So, free Rs. 200 balance on 9th September thanks to Easypaisa AppBash? Sounds good!

Last But Not the Least!

Finally, Telenor users can benefit from making an easyload for themselves too. When doing so, they will receive weekly social bundle on their Telenor numbers free of cost!

This bundle will be automatically subscribed on the next day – where customers will get 600 Social MB’s (for WhatsApp, Goonj & Gamebox) absolutely free.

      • And 300 rupees card charges ?
        Easypaisa virtual card mufte mein create ho jata tha so no comparison

    • Try ubl virtual card but the downside is you have to pay 300 rupees service charges*
      *One Time Charges
      Currently I am using it and it’s good no issues so far but you have an account in UBL other than MCB Lite is a good option available in the market

      • Thanks for your suggestion but i don’t have ubl account plus mcb lite card is very difficult to activate only few branches have ability to activate card there staff is worse than government banks.I would not go near mcb bank.The only option for me is Easypaisa they can charge 300 per card verification creation fee i am fine with that but they should re-activate there service it made my life so easy.

        • Mein ap ki baat se sehmat hun, MCB wo bank hai jis k products k baare mein un k staff ko he malum nhn hota, Meine MCB ki services issi liye use karna chorhin thi ghatiya bank hai

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