PEMRA Auctions Licenses for 5 Satellite Television Channels

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) on Tuesday auctioned five licences for satellite television channels.

Galaxy Network was awarded the licence of ‘News’ category channel, after offering a Rs 63.5 million bid for the same.

Bol Enterprises was awarded the Entertainment category for Rs 48.5 million.

Educational Channel licence was awarded to Ms/ Renaissance for Rs 10.5 million whereas the licence for health channel went to Glam Network.

Media Roots was awarded the licence for agriculture television channel for Rs 10.5 million.

The only bidder for Sports television channel, M-Record, failed to turn up so its auction was deferred.

Earlier in his address, Chairman PEMRA Salim Baig said that the electronic media watchdog was holding auction of six satellite television channel licences through open and transparent bidding.

He expressed the hope that after arrival of these satellite channels, there would be an increase in healthy competition in the media industry.

Director General Licencing Vakil Ahmed Khan said that the process of bidding TV channels had started in 2014 originally. However, due to stay orders from courts, the process was delayed.

  • This begs the questions:

    1. In the analog spectrum our $6000 per analog cable headend technology goes up from 50Mhz to about 550Mhz meaning about 69 channels. Going to 850Mhz requires major investment at grassroots.

    Neither our bankrupt government despite a decade of party going nor the local operators can afford it.

    We already have 90+ licensed channels and a total of about 130.

    So how would you accommodate all these without cutting out half for the average viewer who hardly pays Rs 300 pm?

    2. What happened to digital? Why invest in old analog tech anyway?

    3. So why not just abolish our Pemra, PTA, IT ministries and boards for defrauding the country and putting all these big sahibs in jail ? Or will there be the same Muk muka as for those 56 Punjab departments?

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