Embracing The New Era — Internet of Things

The technological landscape has been evolving rapidly. The world operated by 4G mobile broadband is not just limited to computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets. The power of mobile broadband is building a new ecosystem called Internet of Things (IoT) through network of connected “smart” devices that communicate seamlessly over the Internet.

The global IoT market is poised to grow briskly to a projected 21 billion devices by 2020. With telecom giants like Zong 4G’s parent company, China Mobile Communications Corporation (CMCC), operating one of the largest 4G networks is providing the backbone to support the development and functionality of IoT solutions.

China Mobile is the world’s largest telecom operator. With over 909 million subscribers needed to be catered, it has set a goal of doubling the mobile connection scale of 2015 and becoming a world-leading operator in digital innovation by 2020.  Being one of the key enablers for global digital transformation, the company is boosting the scale of connectivity, optimizing connectivity services and strengthening respective applications.

By building end-to-end infrastructure, content and applications systems, CMCC aims to increase the value for its customers including an additional number of 30 million subscribers of Zong 4G.

China Mobile: Enabling Societies

China Mobile is playing an active role in connecting the world through fruitful partnerships to help co-develop and massively scale-up IoT solutions. The parent organization of Zong 4G has its roots in research and development of IoT solutions for more than 16 now and is opening a new world of possibilities through digitalization of   the world. This in result has enhanced customer experience and enabled businesses to accomplish large-scale tasks faster and with greater precision on a daily basis.

Committed to the development of an agile, open and secure IoT operations platform which would perform at the industry leading scale of the markets they serve, CMCC has established platforms which enable the transformation of the IoT business ecosystem. With more than 330 million device connections CMCC has also established a centralized Connectivity Management System which provides basic facilities such as information management, connectivity management, terminal connection status management, fault maintenance and other functions of IoT cards.

Striving for Digital advancement, Zong’s open platform “OneNET” supports 9 languages including Chinese, English, Thai, Russian, German, Korean, Japanese, Spanish and Portuguese. It has been established by Zong 4G’s parent company to ensure protocol adaptation for devices and sensors to establish quick connection and data analysis functions.

Continuing to bolster innovation in IoT ecosystem, China Mobile’s research and development is diligently pursuing development of solutions to create value for customers across the globe.

Zong 4G: Role in IoT development

When it comes to IoT, Zong 4G is in a unique position in terms of research and development because of its parent organization. Zong 4G’s commitment to provide excellence to its customers will enable it to be an IoT leader in Pakistan amongst other operators. Backed with CMCC’s technological prowess and research, new IoT services and products will be developed creating value for customers. IoT solutions are often perceived as complex to address this, therefore Zong 4G aims to ensure that it invests in developments that ease their consumers’ lives with practical applications.

Being a pioneer in bringing 4G network coverage in Pakistan, Zong 4G has the expertise to carry a role in connecting inert devices that can render transformative experiences of businesses, government and consumers.

Relying on Pakistan’s No.1 Data Network, businesses have shown improvement in service delivery, increased efficiency, productivity and with the emergence of IoT the possibilities are endless for the country.

Experts say that the phenomenon of IoT entails the potential to help Pakistan achieve its development goals in the years to come. Zong 4G as a company has been seen as leading the digital innovation and contributing to the development of 4G ecosystem in Pakistan. Through its customer centric approach, Zong 4G is further enhancing delivery of optimal innovative digital solutions for people of Pakistan.

In the coming times, IoT will decidedly revolutionize the way Pakistan will operate and unlock the true potential of sustainable development by providing enhanced service delivery for customers. With the power of Pakistan’s No.1 4G network, Zong 4G, millions of people and industries will be able to tap into the IoT market’s potential and soon embrace the era of monumental IoT developments in their lives.

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